Monday, December 29, 2008

Dame$kee's Top 3 Mixtapes of '08

My top 3 Mixtapes of '08
1.Re-Up Gang with DJ Drama: "We Got it 4 Cheap Vol3"
2.Dipset: "HoodRich"
3.Peedi Crakk and DJ E-Stacks: "Crakk Muzik"
You will never find Lil' Wayne anywhere near this list.

Jewel of the I

Super cute, DreadyMama, Rachel Mckernan designs the dopest organic jewelry.
Her inspiration comes from her roots lifestyle, crystals/stone healing and feminine empowerment.
Rachel in the past has been a FORD Model, a dj/promoter, raw/vegan chef and has live in NYC, Miami, Costa Rica and now Eugene, OR.
Jewel of the I's pieces are all handcrafted by Rachelle and all materials are carefully
picked by her hand. Most pieces are one of kind, check out her etsy page...
Jewel of the I's etsy shop

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I love this jacket, I'm totally getting this for my BDay! I just wish I had some cute Coach™ rain boots to go with. It can be worn 3 ways, pre-natal, post-natal and with baby in sling.
It's perfect for rainy, winter days in SF.
Japanese Weekend is the most stylish maternity I've found yet.

Japanese Weekend Mamacoat™

harajuku =^_^=


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tan Lines are Sexy

Sun Tattoo Robe
From Designer Yu-Chiao Wan

She's to DIE for!

Zombie Barbie

Friday, December 26, 2008

Team Spirit!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Let Us Pray

From my email to your screen! Check out what the crew at Worship Worthy has been working on for the ladies. The geometric leggings and sequin hot pants are killah. Definitely worth a look. LOOK BOOK HERE!


The buzzed about small-run collection employs bold graphics with a streetwise fashion sensibility to visually unite religious elements, homages to Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent, and the fuss-free style of today’s urban woman. Designer Jennifer Wannarachue designed the dark, sexy collection with the intent to be mixed and layered, with every piece matching and easy to wear: “Our tees are sophisticated and sexy, can be dressed up or down, and are perfect for layering with any leggings or bodysuit ". Discharge and water-based print applications are utilized with the intent of preserving a soft feel to the collections graphics.

Holiday 2009 also marks WW’s collaboration with doll maker, Sara Lanzillotta of Devout Dolls who handcrafts and paints each doll herself. “The 2-headed dolls are for non-girly girls”, Wannarachue explains, “they’re sweet and twisted and fit in perfectly with the Worship Worthy world.” The set of two double-headed dolls and a masked dominatrix are made to order, available in limited quantities.

Girl, Behave

Chloe Sevigny is on the cover of this month's MissBehave magazine. She looks gorgeous. Love the hair. The issue is on newsstands now, pick one up.

Click HERE for the full interview.

Ready For The Floor

Alright y'all. I haven't been posting because in true form I forgot the power cord for my computer in another state and didn't have much access to computers for the past few days. Also, I shut off the internet in my place since I'm moving outta Philly at the beginning of January and haven't been there lately. So, the blog will still stay true to the content, but as the primary writer, I will be comin' at ya based in a different area. Plenty of visits will follow, for sure. New year, new moves, same love. So, the past week has been jam packed with friends, holiday parties, Sparks sake bombs, dancing in the best clubs, arm wrestling, and engagements with whisky. Tis the season! So, let's get it in.

This Friday, December 19, 2008
@ The Green Warehouse
941 N Front Street (Front & Poplar)
BYOB, Late Night, Warehouse Jawn
Doors at 11 PM, $10 Cover before 2AM

Special guests CSS! For just $2!
Transit Nightclub
600 SpringGarden St.
Philadelphia, PA

Both of these parties go pretty late and the rain is going to slow down by nine. Trust. HAVE FUN, BE SAFE!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Tonight at the Good Life in Boston.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Bob and Barb's. America's finest dive bar. Home of the Special. Land of the Specialists. Tonight, the host of the best game of Bingo in the city of Philadelphia.

As always:

The red wall is down! So there is plenty of room for yourself and friends to congregate and fight over raunchy porn, brown bag prizes, and if your lucky, Bob Dix artwork. Ah, and lets not forget the food of Chef Lucky. The man puts together a fine mac and cheese.

It's 4AM

Check out Dirty's latest 4am mix!

An Exploration in Space Disco
4am mixed Live 11.07.08
Dj Dirty

Just click the link to download,Enjoy
Click to download


Tara McPherson doing an interview with Vinyl Frontier. Talented contemporary artist. Her coloring kit, Somewhere Under the Rainbow, is available now at Omoi, for $26. Get stoned, color.

Deuce Deuce!

(Air guitar Wayne and Garth)

This year the celebration with commence with a Gothic Lolita fashion show, from our own, Toni Turner. She's responsible for all of the headbands and hair clips on the main table. This holiday we took inspiration from Yoyogi Park and the Harajuku neighborhood were girls basically just sit pretty and pose for photographs. Ambitious in execution yet delicate and doll-like. A perfect combination for killin' it! Omoi is now carrying Kera magazine! Much more punk, goth, loli than the mags already in stock. Extreme hairstyles, makeup, nails, shoes! A kaleidoscope of fashion!

There will also be light refreshments and 20% off your entire purchase! Perfect time to treat yourself to that Nooka watch you've been eyeing or a pair of handcrafted earrings straight from Japan. There are plenty of items for both men and women, even though Omoi tends to get reputation of being a super girl store. Despite the rep, all of the girls in the store definitely have a tomboy streak in them and therefore stock some BOSS merchandise.

Check the Barbary Coast series by SuperFishal for Upper Playground. Jeremy Fish put together a collection inspired by the hoodlums, harlots and heroes of the Bay Area. It features a sturdy metal cigarette case, a brushed gold lighter, sketchbook, leather belt with brass buckle, and a soft felt fedora. Recently Fish and the illustrious Miss Van co headlined a show at the Fifty24SF Gallery in the Lower Haight section of San Fransisco. Check out pictures from the jam packed show, HERE.

Another dope item for the gift giving folk, Liz calls these, "professional shot ware." HEARD!

So far the bear seems to be the most popular. Personally, I think the rhino needs to come home with me. They retail for $28, and are basically indestructible.

Plenty of rad items. The only way you will know is if ya come in and let us show you around!

A short message from Miss Liz:

Thank you, customers and friends, for a great time! We've learned so much, jammed tons of stuff into a tiny space, featured talented local artists, fought crime, been featured in magazines, stocked ultra-rare collector items without even knowing it (remember the Alex&Chloe Coco Chanel necklace collection and Le Magnifique's "Le Chat" tee?), and best of all - met tons of new people along the way.

Who- OMOI! Hosted by Liz and crew
What- Birthday Party and Fashion Show
When- Thursday December 11th 5-9pm
Where- 1608 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA

Also, don't forget to keep yourself updated by checking out the BLOG. Add Omoi on Myspace!
Remember when?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Take Notice

Stephen Sprouse was a pioneer of mixing uptown sophistication with the abstract ambition of downtown fashions and making the New York fashionistas take notice. Well known for using custom screen print methods, graffiti, and Day Glo bright prints to outfit the early eighties. I'm sure most of you can recall the collaboration that he did with Louis Vuitton in 2001, remember those graffiti logo bags that were knocked off in your hood? Yea, that was Stephen Sprouse. Once again, LV creative director, Marc Jacobs, is utilizing the print for a fresh round of bags, sneakers, shoes, sunglasses, clothing, and other accessories. He also posed nude for the January issue of Harpers Bazaar which was shot by Terry Richardson, son of the legendary fashion photographer of the New York City era Sprouse was involved, Bob Richardson.

Wouldn't it be sweet if these graphic leggings could glow in the dark?

The release of this project coincides with the “Rock On Mars” retrospective that will be taking place at Deitch Projects from January 8th, and the release of “The Stephen Sprouse Book”

Along with the release of the product, Louis Vuitton will launch, a website dedicated to the artist, showcasing interviews with people that knew Sprouse.
These sneakers will be featured in the collection. Colorful, gold, and highlighter yellow? Yes, please.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The 2009 Vogue Paris calendar — which comes as a supplement to the December/January issue — arrived a little early. The full catalogue is up for viewing at Fourteen different girls are featured as pinups in Louis Vuitton lingerie and shoes, photographed by Terry Richardson and styled by French Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld. C'est bon!
A preview of August

Jourdan Dunn, she won Model of the Year last night at the British Fashion Awards.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fresh Cuts

The Mezzanine, Fader, and Loaded present

If I could have one superhero power, I would be able to transplant myself to dope places and make it to work in the morning with the snap of a finger, sans the vicious hangover. Ok, details of the show, Thursday December 4th at The Mezzanine in San Fransisco. Hearts Revolution, from New York, and one of my favorite new bands out of SF, Lilofee, are supporting, Sebastian Tellier, who finishes the night, yes! You can get tickets at

Sebastien Tellier's video for Divine. Love it.

If you have been looking for new music, check out these bands!
Hearts Revolution

The video for C.Y.O.A (Choose Your Own Adventure)


Doors open at 9pm and the tix are 15 in advance.

Get Dirty

Our girl, Nikki Moose just started a new blog, Definitely fashion forward in context she offers an enthusiatic perspective on emerging trends, highlights designers, and her choice cuts of new gear is edgy but on point. Loving the clean look of the page and logo. Nikki is a model and all around cool chick. Don't sleep Philly girls!

Dance Dance Revolution!

For real though, I was at the Video Game Expo in Philadelphia this past Saturday with Omoi, we had a table in the anime room. Right next door was the DDR room. Ready for this? 32 convention goers all in sync staring at a huge projection screen gettin down with some DDR. That room was jam packed all day. Get into it! Now that we are getting all dancey check out this party in New York December 5th.

I've heard mixed reviews on Le Poisson Rouge, in any case, the lineup is enough to get even anime kids excited, one would hope.

Nails Diddy!!

This weeks edition takes inspiration from Mishka's eyeball logo.

Let Your Fingers Do The Watching...
Nails by Naomi
Hello Beautiful is located at 218 Bedford Ave Brooklyn Ny Fri-Sun 12-6pm (718)387-4732.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Quote of the Week

And it's only Monday! This came from my boy, Nick, last night after a quick stop at Bob and Barbara's on my way home from work. This kid is outta control. Too funny.

"Nobody needs white girls anymore, they are out of style. It's Obama time! Beige power!"

Nick, as a beige girl, I guess I gotta say I feel you on this one. Ha!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Itinerary- Top Of The Line

Cope2, a celebrated New York graffiti legend, is curating another show to feast your eyes on at the Showroom Gallery in the Lower East Side section of NYC. Featuring art stars that have emerged out of the pop, street, and contemporary arenas. The reach these artists have goes beyond the canvas or wall that they are painting due to commercial work and the implementation propaganda statements on politics and contemporary society. The space is small, so I recommend getting there early. The show will only be up for five days. If you are in the area it is definitely worth checking out. There isn't much of a sign to the place. You might see people standing out front, but I remember it because it is a few doors down from Toy Tokyo, and right around the corner from this dope Korean spot. Here are some works from some of the artists participating.

Shepard Fairey


Ron English's 'Obama'
Other artists include, Cope2, Revok, Can2, Sharp, and Siloette.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Japanese Girl Represents

This is Eri Yoshida. She's 16 and has just been drafted by an independent league's pro team, the Kobe 9 Cruise. Say What?! This girl plays tough! She says that she wants to follow in the footsteps of Boston Red Sox pitcher, Tim Wakefield. He's been with Boston since 1995, and helped them win the historic World Series in 2004. Good choice, Eri. Apparently, this girl has a mean sidearm pitch that made her stand out. Break barriers, stand out from the crowd.

Stretch Ya Game Out

Friday Nite! My boy Dre put it togetha the best.

Yo! this friday just got a bit more interesting. So, you know this friday is Lil' Stevie Bloodbaths party send-off. If you didnt know, don't feel bad. Its just one of the better parties yer gonna go to this season. Anywho. The pot just got a lil more spicy cuz Friday nite is also gonna be a TOWN JEWELERZ reunion. See, not too long ago (before you were "into" dance music) Ol' Bloodbath was apart of a trio that bashed up dancehalls on a regular basis. Him, Ian St. Laurent, and MUTHAFUCKIN OPALROCK were crushin shit when most kids were still crossin the bridge to go to "hardcore" shows (yeah you motherfucker. I seen you at the TLA lined up for that shitty show. Aint no future in ya frontin). For me, i was comin down the DNB mountain and finally startin' to give proper respect to the other dj's in this town. And they were among the first to get my respect. They're my kinda dj's; no rockstar bullshit. Just beat-slangin. Dancefloor rockin business. Thats it.

So yeah its gonna be a roadblock come friday. The line up was crazy before; Excel, Jay Yo, Diamond Girl, Bloodbath himself. Now with the JEWELERZ steppin on deck its goin down as a 2008 classic. we're definitely gonna send steven off to la la land already homesick. I couldn't be anymore stoked, amped, AND excited. And if you make it home before 7am yer a fuckin puritan.

Your party is weak and i will inform you of this fact.

Mind ya P's and Q's on this one. Gonna be a lot of camera flashes.

Wall Animation

This short film by Italian mural artist, Blu, is on some next level type work. The streets are alive! Enjoy.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.
For more on blu, check out

Here is another mural in Berlin, fantastic.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

Said (it's pronounced Sigh-eed) just came into the store, and I just got my quote of the day, perhaps the entire week.
This came after I told him a bit of news...

"I hate you, and I hate Massachusetts!"

Haha! Oh, Said, he hates Massachusetts because he had a friend who went to Harvard that despised Boston. I guess she thought that there were a lot of rude people there. He's a brash frenchman who owns the coffee shop next door, La Citadelle. The place has great coffee for cheap. Highly recommend. Also, on side note, Said really doesn't hate me, in fact I think I humor him the most. Ah Philadelphia, how I will miss you so.

Oh, Rei

Since I blogged about the Comme de Garcons collaboration with H&M a few posts back, I thought this video would supplement the pictures. The video is a viewing of the looks with comments from guests. The collection, perhaps the boldest move from the mass retailer had people waiting in lines of 300+ to get thier Comme fix. You can still pick up pieces on ebay, not into it? Check the video instead.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Simply Gratuitous.

Hayden Christensen. Swoon.

Brand Awareness

Feelin these leggings from LA based female streetwear brand, Dimepiece. Ashley Jones and Laura Fama are young with a fresh point of view outfittin the ladies in some fine gear. Purchase these at one of ur favorite websites, The first set offer a textured look with a dynamic shape. The graphic print on the second set is tight. Scroll down this page and check the Alexander McQueen skinny suit from a couple of posts prior. Just trust me. Create your look! Have fun!

Dirty Wash Pocket Leggings-$66

The NYC leggings

Guess Who's Back

A return to mind blowing narratives. Thank god.

Sweet Face

Look who came into the shop! This awesome woman came in the other day and introduced us to, Crepe Suzette, her customized Blythe doll! Green hair?! Really? Amazing. When she closed her eyes her makeup was green and yellow. The doll was just one of many that the woman collects. She was lovely enough to let me snap a few pictures of, Suze, approving the new gothic lolita table at Omoi. Lots of goods in store, be sure to stop by before the holidays!

Banksy's Pet Shop?

This was in New York's Greenwich Village. If you weren't able to make it out, check this video. The bunny with the pearls is so rad.

Banksy's Pet Shop from SteveR on Vimeo.

Alexander Wang Wins CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund

Last night Alexander Wang took the coveted prize of 200,00 to grow his business and a year of mentoring. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this kid is confident. For his Spring 08 show, instead of tireless straining over the details of the collection he chartered a bus complete with a stripper pole and partied the night away, because his collection was done a month early. His collections are smart, energetic, and youthful. He approach to stylizing streetwear is aimed at the, well, Meenal Mistry says it best, 'the kind of go-getter who likes to cap off an all-night party with a pickup game at the West 4th Street courts.' Word, mama. That's what I'm talking about. Let's take a look at some choice cuts from Wang's Spring 2009 collection. Followed by a video of the night's events which were hosted by none other than John Galliano and muse Charlize Theron.

John Galliano's closing statement made my day. Check this out.