Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fresh Cuts

The Mezzanine, Fader, and Loaded present

If I could have one superhero power, I would be able to transplant myself to dope places and make it to work in the morning with the snap of a finger, sans the vicious hangover. Ok, details of the show, Thursday December 4th at The Mezzanine in San Fransisco. Hearts Revolution, from New York, and one of my favorite new bands out of SF, Lilofee, are supporting, Sebastian Tellier, who finishes the night, yes! You can get tickets at going.com/sebastiant

Sebastien Tellier's video for Divine. Love it.

If you have been looking for new music, check out these bands!
Hearts Revolution

The video for C.Y.O.A (Choose Your Own Adventure)


Doors open at 9pm and the tix are 15 in advance.

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