Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stretch Ya Game Out

Friday Nite! My boy Dre put it togetha the best.

Yo! this friday just got a bit more interesting. So, you know this friday is Lil' Stevie Bloodbaths party send-off. If you didnt know, don't feel bad. Its just one of the better parties yer gonna go to this season. Anywho. The pot just got a lil more spicy cuz Friday nite is also gonna be a TOWN JEWELERZ reunion. See, not too long ago (before you were "into" dance music) Ol' Bloodbath was apart of a trio that bashed up dancehalls on a regular basis. Him, Ian St. Laurent, and MUTHAFUCKIN OPALROCK were crushin shit when most kids were still crossin the bridge to go to "hardcore" shows (yeah you motherfucker. I seen you at the TLA lined up for that shitty show. Aint no future in ya frontin). For me, i was comin down the DNB mountain and finally startin' to give proper respect to the other dj's in this town. And they were among the first to get my respect. They're my kinda dj's; no rockstar bullshit. Just beat-slangin. Dancefloor rockin business. Thats it.

So yeah its gonna be a roadblock come friday. The line up was crazy before; Excel, Jay Yo, Diamond Girl, Bloodbath himself. Now with the JEWELERZ steppin on deck its goin down as a 2008 classic. we're definitely gonna send steven off to la la land already homesick. I couldn't be anymore stoked, amped, AND excited. And if you make it home before 7am yer a fuckin puritan.

Your party is weak and i will inform you of this fact.

Mind ya P's and Q's on this one. Gonna be a lot of camera flashes.

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BetseyJ said...

sounds like a dope party.
Ex is my bestfriend and he kills it.

I miss philly.