Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh Industry

What qualifies a celebrity to be a designer? Is it their capability to be photographed wearing a "signature style" orchestrated by a stylist? Access to high end designers? Or is it their fans that corporate America thinks will flock to department stores to score the latest design from an ex-O.C star, reality t.v. ditz, or a Hollywood floozy? Who knows, but i think it's pathetic. So here is the latest roster of celeb "designers"

1. Rachel Bilson- now don't get me wrong, the girl is cute, she's got some style, apparently Donna Karan thinks so because she is slated to design for the DKNY brand. It will be juniors sportswear and will hit major department stores across the country in September 2008. The line will be called Edie Rose.

2. Whitney Port- all i have to say is, The Hills. She will have jackets and dresses in upscale L.A boutiques.

3. Heidi Montag- are you fucking serious? This broad needs to sit down. She's talkin' "sexy dresses, fun, girly clothes" The "brand" will be called Heidiwood. What a joke.

4. Lindsay Lohan- OI. OI. OI. This chick is designing LEGGINGS?!?! What?? Nah. I'm not writing anymore. That should say it all.

Sad, pathetic, but this is all true.

Philly's Phinest

Ladies, today is the last day of the Topstitch Anniversary Sale. The girls will finish it off with a sidewalk sale at 3rd and Market. Sale racks are seriously marked down, boots are all 40 bucks, and select jewelry is marked down too. Love this shop, and the girls that work there are some rad chicks. Check out the Babooshka dresses and jumpers.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Madonna in my eyes will always reign supreme! Cover art for her new album, Hard Candy, was just released. Such a dame. The new album comes with production from Pharrell, who doesn't love Pharell, Timbaland, and Nate "Danja" Hills, with a guest appearance from Justin Timberlake. Like the title, the album is said to be a "juxtaposition of tough and sweet." Like every other Madonna album, we are excited!

It's March BABY!

March Madness is one of my favorite times of year. Hands down. I've followed NCAA basketball since the '95 and '96 squads of UMASS had Lou Roe, Marcus Camby, Edgar Padilla, and Carmello Travieso. I have never been a fan of Temple basketball or John Chaney so it is a bit ironic that I ended up in Philadelphia. UMASS has had its up's and down's, however you gotta root for your home team. Even though they lost their A-10 tourney game last night, we still got love for the Minutemen. Catch some more games at the super premium Ubiq store on Walnut street, Thursday, March 20th. Ubiq has a real nice in-store event teaming up with Undercrown. Scoop up some limited edition tees from thier Spring line and have a drink. Also, I must note that Ubiq consistenly fits thier window displays right. Check it out.

Fantasic Ride

My homegirl Gill, pronounced Jill, is leaving Philadelphia to take on Brooklyn this Sunday. We wish her the best of luck and we are gonna miss her! Damn this is my second homegirl to leave in the past month! The good thing is that it is her birthday tonight and what better way to ring in 23 then a banger at Fluid?! Come through and party with us!

special guest
of the Philadelphyinz

of Let Me Ride

No Cover B4 11!!!
Drunk Specials 10-12:
$2 Domestics
$3 Well Drinks
$3 Jager Shots

613 S. 4TH STREET [4th & south]

for tunes / mixes / flicks / snaps / and dirt visit
letmeride215. com

Sample Sale

Starting today South Streets Streetwear destination, Pedestrian, will be hosting a Reason sample sale. Looks like Reason merch will be marked 50-70% off and will feature old designs as well as new. The guys from New York are bringing down some prototypes that they've got in stock as well as some fresh New Eras. Pedestrian will be marking down some of thier current stock of Fall/Winter gear as well. Whether your a guy lookin for some clean gear or a chick stockin up for your man, get in where ya fit in kids.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Upcoming. Check It


This thursday at the Kid Robot store in Soho will be hosting a signing by Tokyo born and NYC based artist, Aiko Nakagawa! Only 750 have been produced and for 39.95 you can have your own Aiko Bunny in blue or gold. If you went to the Independent Residents show at Lineage Gallery in Philadelphia, you had a chance to see just how amazing Lady Aiko's work interprets pop culture.

Check out her next show, Brick Ladies of NYC, at Ad Hoc Art. Opening reception is March 21st from 7-10pm.

Kid Robot has also asked Tara McPherson to paint an oversized dunny. Check her out March 27th from 6-8pm at the Kid Robot Pirate Store 70 Greene Street, Soho, NYC.

Click the flyers for more info.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

John Galliano Fall 2008

Parisian fantasy.

A Bleak Outlook. A Bleak Day

Raining terrible out. A New York Times article with the lurk of a daunting future. Enjoy! Here is a short clip:

"Markets may slump. The dollar may become the peso. China and Russia may turn the United States into a rest stop on the superhighway of global economy. None of that is likely to deter people from impoverishing themselves in order to possess the latest who-knows-what." - Guy Trebay for the New York Times


Tonights Creme de la Creme Fashion Show. Featuring the designs of Art Institute Fashion Design student and doll, Rose Dousuah. Rose's collection took first place at the 2nd annual Celebrity Hair and Fashion Show at the Trump Marina last week. She has also worked with the likes of the colorful Anna Sui. Other designers include Wallish Gooshe, Chi-Chi & Che, Retro Chic, American Apparel, Dirk Krieder, Klouise Designs, FreekUgly, Intity, JBeazANTQ, and Vamp Boutique.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fresh in the Streets

Internationally known designer, Hussein Chalayan, will be the new Creative Director of Puma. His designs are simple, but by no means basic. The is known for his body conscious cuts and construction. Puma chairman and CEO Jochen Zeitz commented, "Hussein Chalayan is a proven visionary, and as our creative director, he will bring his use of new technology, forward-thinking design, and provocative point of view to Puma.” We are exicted to see what Chalayan will bring to the lifestyle brand. It is becoming more evident that the contemporary consumer wants to look stylish, but not overly done. Puma appreciates the individualistic style of thier customers an have the right idea by appointing Chalayan. Here are some photos from his Fall 2008 collection he showed in Paris, and his 2007 collection for men.

Photos from

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Can you love me now girls???
Thank YOU

Our Love

one of our good friends at RIFE recently left for LA. We wish him all the best, such an inspirational spirit. Talented artist, musician, and performer, JIMMY!!! this video is for you, cuz we were the only ones who loved M.I.A. Good Luck!