Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Philly's Phinest

Ch-ch-check it. This Thursday at Sal's peoples. Seclusiasis X Labold Brothers. Should be pretty dope.

Don't forget to pick up Dev79's new ish. Street Bass Anthems Vol. 3. Fire. Fire.

For updates on upcoming events click HERE for Seclusiasis

Right HERE for the Labold Brothers.

Show your Philly boys gettin it done some love will ya?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Love Carrie, love Sex in the City, however, this is amazing. The Decapitator strikes London streets and overexposed advertising again. Cheers.


More from the Decapitator


POP Bubbly

Gear Up

Some choice cuts from Steve Madden. A healthy alternative to expensive shoes. Enjoy ladies.

Kindra in pewter leather

Togga in black leather

Bombb in Nat Nubuck

Dessire in white patent leather

Midory in black patent leather
All shoes available at

Engagements With Desire

Click on flyer for an enlarged view to read the information.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

For Dolls

Really this post is for my sister, doll. She loved Miss Piggy growing up and this totally reminds me of her. Looks like we're going to Bodega this weekend to cop new shit...I need new kicks anyway.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Sneaker Freaker is showin love to some of the people that are changing the way the super female is represented. Dubbing this week, Ladies Week, Christine Su and Lori Lobenstine drop some supreme knowledge on the present state of affairs in the female streetwear game. As a designer or a merchant this is a great retrospective piece to read because it offers information on past collaborations and innovative start up companies. The piece also offers direct insight to what is still missing in the market. Interviews from designer Erin Magee from Made Me, online retailer Cultist owner, MissYasi Salek also offer up some key points. Hopefully, we will see more designers coming up because now more than ever is the time to capitalize on the female shopper.

The scene is real.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Boston Boys!

They did it. After 15 years apart the New Kids on the Block performed together this morning on the Today show. I'm not even getting into all of the New Kids stuff my sister and I had as kids. Jordan was my favorite and Donnie hers. I have New Kids trading cards at my house right now if anyone REALLY wants to get into it...They even have 'fun facts' on the back. Just sayin.

Ladies. Tell me these boys ain't lookin good after all these years! Haha. I love it.
Fun Fact- the turnout for today's show was the biggest ever with 3000 people at Rockafeller Center.

Video Tour of the 'Superheros' Exhibit


Just got an email with an updated list of all of the trade shows, fashion weeks, and fashion events being held around the world. There are plenty more that aren't on this list. I narrowed it down to relevance. It's basically just an outline of dates to keep in mind if you are traveling, or interested in going to any of these events. Check websites first to see what you need as fas as credentials.

Surtex- Art and design for sale and license- New York- May 18- 20
Luxe Pack- Luxury Goods Packaging Exhibition- New York- May 21-22
ASR - Action Sports Retailer- Costa Mesa, CA- May 28-29
Dallas Fabric Show- Dallas- Trade Show- May 29- June 1
San Francisco Fashion Week- San Francisco- June 21- 24
Milan Menswear Ready to Wear- Milan- Fashion Week- June 22- 26
Paris Menwear Ready to Wear- Paris- Fashion Week- June 26- 29
Paris Haute Couture Collections- Paris- Fashion Week- June 30- July 3
International Fashion Fair- Tokyo- Trade show- July 15-18
Madrid Fashion Week- Madrid- July 17- 19
Berlin Fashion Week- Berlin- July 17-20
Miami Swimwear Shows- Miami- July 18-21
Capsule- Trade Show for independent menswear lines- New York- July 21-22
Eco Trade Show- Las Vegas- August 24- 27
MAGIC- Las Vegas- Trade show- August 25- 27
New York Fashion Week- New York- September 5- 12
London Fashion Week- London- September 14- 19
How To Start A Fashion Line- New York- Seminar- September 15
Vintage Fashion Expo- San Francisco- September 20- 21
Milan Fashion Week- Milan- September 20- 27
Trafik- an independent and contemporary trade show- South Beach- September 24- 26
Paris Fashion Week- Paris- September 27- October 5
Stylemax- Chicago contemporary trade show- October 18- 21
San Francisco Fashion Week- October 25- 28

List courtesy of

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Doesn't It Make You Feel Better?

Choke was the first Chuck Palahniuk book that I read. After that it was Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, The Haunted, and currently Rant. After reading The Haunted, I sent away for a signed copy of the Postcards From the Future DVD. A documentary that follows this brilliant writer from across the country promoting his work. Personally, when I was first introduced, Chuck Palahniuk was the future. His voice penetrated my world and has remained an inspiration for reading more and writing. I find myself re-reading his books and giving them as gifts. I only have one Palahniuk book left on my bookshelf, The Haunted, because I pass them along in hopes that I can be the middle man that serves as a catalyst in helping people compose and form thier point of view when they are writing. Also, because The Haunted is one of the sickest and disturbing stories I have ever read. I cringe thinking about the mayhem that unravels in those pages.

I am really excited to announce on this blog that, Choke, will be the next feature film and it will be in theaters September 26th. The film will star Sam Rockwell as the lead, Victor Mancini. The sex addict who pretends to choke at restaurants to get money to take care of his mother. Angelica Huston was cast as the mother in the movie. Yes, Palahniuk stories are never in the boundaries of normal, but they dive into the realites of human condition. The film was shot in only 25 days in New Jersey for 3.4 million. Then purchased for 5 million by Fox Searchlight. It recently won the Special Jury Prize in the Dramatic catagory for an Ensemble Cast at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Direction comes from Clark Gregg. If I could develop sentences like Palahniuk...This is a must see, mark the date.

Sam Rockwell, star of the movie

Chuck Palahniuk, master of text

Point Taken

This is a quote from Queen Victoria. I found it in a book, and I can't remember what the name of it was. The book had to have been at least 600 pages, and I opened right up to this page. I loved this quote. Wanted to share. The picture is kinda bad because I took it with my cell phone, like most of my pictures, but it works.

Thi$ Weekend

At Pedestrian in Philly, Mishka Sample Sale. Get it in. Go see my girl Gill and the boy, Ease, holdin it down at the shop.

Cash Only Peoples.
Then after...

Resort 09- Cruise Control

"No one enjoys resort quite like Mr. Karl Lagerfeld does."- Dan Green, buyer for Neiman Marcus and instructor at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Chanel will unveil the Resort collection tonight in Miami at the legendary Raleigh Hotel. Something like 120 celebrities are flying in just for this show. Fashion will drive people to extents they probably aren't willing to admit to. This year synchronized swimmers from the Olympic team will stage the finale in one of the most beautiful pools in the world. Karl Lagerfeld spares no expense when presenting his collections. Last year he flew all of his guests out on private jets to Santa Monica for a viewing of the collection. He also cites emotional motives to the reasons he chooses locations. This year it was about creating a connection and a presence in Miami that Coco or the Chanel brand never has had before. Stay tuned for our picks from this seasons collections.

The pool at the Raleigh Hotel

Other Side of Eden

Seen in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Bronze sculpture by Andrew DeVries.
Stunning. Check out more works here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Silver Screen. Beauty Scenes

"I mean, this could be as big as Titanic"- Idalia Cintron commenting on the premiere of the Sex and the City movie coming out May 30Th. I don't know if I can agree, but they sure do look good! I can't wait to see what Patricia Field has lined up for us. By the way, the Patricia Field store in New York is looking for a summer intern to help with their E-Commerce website, setting up shoots, and handling inventory. Best to bring resumes into the shop, located at 302 Bowery Street in the Lower East Side of New York.

The girls at the premiere in London Monday night
Also, I don't care what anyone says, that headpiece Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing is amazing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hope Floats

Ok, we all know how I feel about this...
Now I'm sure you have heard that Rhianna wants to start a fashion line and she has been quoted as saying that it is "definetly on her agenda." Yea, that and weird headbands. Now, Leona Lewis wants to start a vegan fashion line. Oi. Oi. Just wear Stella McCartney and call it a day, come on. Don't know who Leona Lewis is? yea, she's the chick with one "hit" song on Adult Contemporary radio. The other day I was drivin and couldn't believe that Akinyele was on the radio, at one in the afternoon. That has to be one of the dirtiest songs to ever grace the airwaves. However, in the spirit of the moment, Put It In Your Mouth, goes out to Rhianna and Leona Lewis. Love Jenessa.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Wow! The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy so I apoligize for the lack of posts. Yes, I'm sure my droves of devout readers are super bummed. However, I am really pscyhed for a show that I have coming up this Saturday in Springfield, MA. Makeup is usually the last thing that artists finalize for a show, yet it is a crucial part to the complete idea. The usual order is wardrobe, hair, then makeup. When designers or stylists put together shows the finalized "look" goes to the the person in front of the makeup chair armed with pigments, creams, glues, lashes, an endless list of products that can transform a face. We can get rid of or add elements to the facial structure with simple strokes of the brush. It's so much fun and I have a great time doing it.

This Saturday Salon Chiala presents Cause and Effect 2008 at the Hippodrome. For the past four years Chiala Marvici has put together a hair/fashion show that benefits charities in the Western Massachusetts area. Chiala is an amazing National Redken Stylist and has a concept salon in downtown Springfield. Believe me, I know, she has done my hair for three years. Her passion for her craft is contagious and I'm excited that she asked me to be apart of it this year. Her team of stylists are fun, cutting edge visionaries that come up with thier own themes for sets down the runway.

This year their are five different sets coming from some of the most energetic people I have ever met. A punk rock urban theme with custom denim done by the fabulous Paul Anthony. Japanese girls are featured in Jaclyn's set. European lounge ladies with smoky eyes have been envisoned by Diana. Stiched up freakish zombie dolls will be followed by flourescent pop barbie dolls are coming from Lisa. Finally, the Queen of the festivities, Chiala, is looking into the future embracing technological textiles and closing the show. I haven't seen the hair styles yet, but I can tell you that the makeup concepts are off the walls and I can't wait. So! Saturday, yes tickets are a little pricey at 40 beans, but it's well worth it. we've got like 90 plus biddies struttin down the runway, drinks, and yea yea photogs...Hope to see you at the show!

Saturday May 10th 2008
Springfield, MA
contact Salon Chiala for tickets

Chiala Marvici

Paul Anthony

Jaclyn Lopes

Lisa Rosenfield

Diana Hunter

Friday, May 2, 2008

Bring Em Out

Check out the Wexler Gallery We're looking forward to the (In Between) Show the Wexler has curated. Works from Damien Hirst, Tim Tate, Randall Sellers, Anne Siems, Dirk Staschke, and Joe Boruchow will all be on view. Boutiques Topstitch and Smak Parlour are always a nice stop too.


This party is always fun. It gets really packed, so I suggest getting there early. Also, I recommend wearing little or close to nothing because it gets HOT. Check the links for more info.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rescue Squad

A new exhibition focusing on the superheros influence on the avant garde designers of haute couture and high performance sportswear. The excitement arrives in New York May 7Th at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Superheros: Fashion and Fantasy will feature movie costumes, designs from Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Rei Kawakubo, Philip Treacy, and Thierry Mugler among others. The most successful designer to come out of Italy, Giorgio Armani, put the show and book that will correspond together. If you are into textiles, body transforming silhouettes, and pure fantasy, then you should definitely check out this show. did a dope profile of the exhibition by breaking it down to masks, emblems, second skin bodysuits, capes, body armor, and boots. Check it HERE
It will be on view until September 1st, 2008 at the Special Exhibition Galleries on the 1st floor.

Isabella Blow wearing a Philip Treacy hat


A look from Alexaner McQueen

Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed (Metropolitan Museum of Art Series)

Luella Kitty Shades
Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns surpasses sexy and the black patent leather bodysuit is ridic. I remember seeing that flick at the movie theater and wanting to be her for Halloween. I've been a cat every year since. I really need a new costume.

This is a little over two minutes, so CHECK IT! HOT HOT HOT-T-T