Monday, December 1, 2008

Take Notice

Stephen Sprouse was a pioneer of mixing uptown sophistication with the abstract ambition of downtown fashions and making the New York fashionistas take notice. Well known for using custom screen print methods, graffiti, and Day Glo bright prints to outfit the early eighties. I'm sure most of you can recall the collaboration that he did with Louis Vuitton in 2001, remember those graffiti logo bags that were knocked off in your hood? Yea, that was Stephen Sprouse. Once again, LV creative director, Marc Jacobs, is utilizing the print for a fresh round of bags, sneakers, shoes, sunglasses, clothing, and other accessories. He also posed nude for the January issue of Harpers Bazaar which was shot by Terry Richardson, son of the legendary fashion photographer of the New York City era Sprouse was involved, Bob Richardson.

Wouldn't it be sweet if these graphic leggings could glow in the dark?

The release of this project coincides with the “Rock On Mars” retrospective that will be taking place at Deitch Projects from January 8th, and the release of “The Stephen Sprouse Book”

Along with the release of the product, Louis Vuitton will launch, a website dedicated to the artist, showcasing interviews with people that knew Sprouse.
These sneakers will be featured in the collection. Colorful, gold, and highlighter yellow? Yes, please.

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