Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Deuce Deuce!

(Air guitar Wayne and Garth)

This year the celebration with commence with a Gothic Lolita fashion show, from our own, Toni Turner. She's responsible for all of the headbands and hair clips on the main table. This holiday we took inspiration from Yoyogi Park and the Harajuku neighborhood were girls basically just sit pretty and pose for photographs. Ambitious in execution yet delicate and doll-like. A perfect combination for killin' it! Omoi is now carrying Kera magazine! Much more punk, goth, loli than the mags already in stock. Extreme hairstyles, makeup, nails, shoes! A kaleidoscope of fashion!

There will also be light refreshments and 20% off your entire purchase! Perfect time to treat yourself to that Nooka watch you've been eyeing or a pair of handcrafted earrings straight from Japan. There are plenty of items for both men and women, even though Omoi tends to get reputation of being a super girl store. Despite the rep, all of the girls in the store definitely have a tomboy streak in them and therefore stock some BOSS merchandise.

Check the Barbary Coast series by SuperFishal for Upper Playground. Jeremy Fish put together a collection inspired by the hoodlums, harlots and heroes of the Bay Area. It features a sturdy metal cigarette case, a brushed gold lighter, sketchbook, leather belt with brass buckle, and a soft felt fedora. Recently Fish and the illustrious Miss Van co headlined a show at the Fifty24SF Gallery in the Lower Haight section of San Fransisco. Check out pictures from the jam packed show, HERE.

Another dope item for the gift giving folk, Liz calls these, "professional shot ware." HEARD!

So far the bear seems to be the most popular. Personally, I think the rhino needs to come home with me. They retail for $28, and are basically indestructible.

Plenty of rad items. The only way you will know is if ya come in and let us show you around!

A short message from Miss Liz:

Thank you, customers and friends, for a great time! We've learned so much, jammed tons of stuff into a tiny space, featured talented local artists, fought crime, been featured in magazines, stocked ultra-rare collector items without even knowing it (remember the Alex&Chloe Coco Chanel necklace collection and Le Magnifique's "Le Chat" tee?), and best of all - met tons of new people along the way.

Who- OMOI! Hosted by Liz and crew
What- Birthday Party and Fashion Show
When- Thursday December 11th 5-9pm
Where- 1608 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA

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