Friday, August 29, 2008

Cover your Chill..

...with these Comfy solutions
LAmixx produces basic pieces that you can be worn year after year, no matter what the fashion trend is. Dress up or dress down with this Oversized Renewal Knit Sweater, be whatever your needs are.

I don't know if you notice the trend here, but Big comfy hooded sweaters are a must for the Fall/ Winter months. What better way to get into Snuggle down mood.
Rojas does it again with this Big Long Kimono Hooded Cardigan need i say more...

Another day another dollar.....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Quick Post

Although I am supposed to be working on school work, drank waaay too much coffee and my fingers are trembling as we speak, I can still deliver this.

I've posted about the new Palahnick movie, Choke, coming out this September, which by the way I am really excited. So, scrolling through SlamxHype today and discovered that Radiohead was asked by director, Clark Gregg, to contribute a song to the film. Well, after watching the movie the guys decided to provide the music throughout the entire movie. Score! Pun intended.

Could you imagine if the powers that be did a film adaptation of, The Haunted? Or maybe some kind of 3D animation project? That book is sickly grotesque. The type that will make you cringe and actually make you feel like you are in a dark, damp mansion with a dozen frantic characters. Here's an excerpt from a review on

...Is it sick? Well, sure, but I'm not sure what else you were expecting. This is, after all, the collection that contains the infamous "Guts," a story so knee-buckling that over sixty people have passed out, dropped right there on the bookstore floor, during the past year's readings...

Yea. Check it.

Just another day for wishing away...

Ladies I don't know about you but I for one am super in to cute comfy lounge/sleepwear thats where this brand Lazy Lifestyle Loungewear comes into play. They rock a dope selection of what you need to look cute and sleep well.

and this number even comes in what i like to call a Lemonzest

Burton never really does it for me but i came across this top the other day

I for one would wear a little more underneath maybe a light tank top, but girl if you can get away with a just an American Appeal Tube Bra go for it!!
A short but sweet list of must haves brought to you by a slightly hungover G.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Comin Thru

Current Obsession.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Alex Pardee, Sam Flores, and N8 Van Dyke are painting together in Atlanta, Boston, and Phoenix in which will be sponsored by the Ignite What's Next Series sponsored by Juxtapoz Magazine and Sparks Energy Drink.

Say whaat?! If your in the Northeast area it would be worth your time to make it to Boston. Not only are there festivals all around the state and region but this in and of itself should have you high tailin it to Underground Snowboards on Commonwealth on September 20th. I guess this would be time to post info on all the Oktoberfests and beer releases in NE...

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Beautiful Fall

Check this Fall Makeup Preview from the New York Times Style Magazine, MAC Pro Make up Artist, Sharon Dowsett, takes on dark jewel tones, daring colorways, and applies shiny lids while drawing inspiration from the majesty of nature.

Experimenting with colors this season invites creativity and customization. Make up pros were using lipsticks on eyes paired with loose pigments or shimmers to cement the hue and create texture. A return to the eighties has opened up a reason to exaggerate cosmetics. Recently at the Behnaz Sarafpour Fall runway show, Gucci Westman, gave models purple racoon-like eyes. Badgely Mischka showed gold lids with green peeking out in the inner corners. Fendi offered more of a smokey golden eye with extension to the brow and finished with a strongly arched brow. Finally, my last pick is from Baby Phat, yes diva. The dark and heavy eye finished with an eye gloss in the crease and lips stained red. Enjoy!

Badgley Mischka Fall 08

Fendi Fall 08

Baby Phat Fall 08

The World Is Your Playground

Just ask Mike

Today the first and only Nike Sportswear store opens in New York's Soho section on Mercer Street. In this interview with, Richard Clarke, the global creative director of Nike Sportswear talks about the iconic rise of an empire that was driven by providing athletes with the best products through technology and function. He also distinguishes the difference between Nike and Nike Sportswear divulging that the subdivision is dedicated to eight Icon styles recognized the world over. The New York spot is going to host products exclusive to the store like the 21 Mercer Nike LunaRacer and 21 Mercer Flywire Windrunner. Also making thier debut are previusly released Nike products from other markets around the world. So, mark this spot in your Blackberry/iPhone/notebook, whatever you write in, the next time your shopping around.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


OK request off from work now people!!! My Girl Jasmine Solano and my Home Boy Melo-X are throwing down Part 4 of what has been a most amazing party in the LES called ELECTRIC PUNNANY!!!!! If you haven't yet attended this party and are currently residing in the NYC area my i suggest you get off your cute bootie and get to it!! Get down with some reggae Hip hop battles between this duo.
Where: SWAY 305 Spring st. NYC
When: Monday Aug. 25th
Time: 10pm-4AM (thats how we roll)
Come early for Complimentary Open Bar thanks to Meyer's Platinum Rum 10-11pm

Come get SWEATY and leave with.......(i'll let you fill that one in yourself)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekly WishList!

Ok ladies its time to step up your game with some sexy chic accessories and a scandalous top. So here a dose of your the weekly wishlist.

TOYWATCH Plasteramic Collection Fluorescent Watch

Boesser-Schorn, Twine Cascada Pullunder

Cubannie Links The Sol Tri-Color Hoops

See you next week with more must haves.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Made Me Fall '08

Come out this Wendsday for the unveiling of Made Me Fall '08 Lookbook!!

MadeMe + WorshipWor†hy + Around the Way Girls
present “Strike A Pose”

music by Ni** Sky & Radio Rose
MadeMe Fall 08 Video Lookbook Unveiling

Wednesday, August 20th
photos by Cee the Photographer (Kicksclusive)

Socialista // 505 West Street @ Jane

Open Bar 11pm-midnight compliments of 42 Below Vodka
Cocktail Specials All Night


Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey Ladies!

One of our favorite women's streetwear companies Most Official Bitches is droppin some new items for Fall 08. These are some choice cuts.

A hoodie with an oversized hood never loses flava. Next to green, purple is my favorite color.

I'm feelin this hat. Backwards.

Interesting legwear is a trend that is running rampent in the industry now, and LOVE it.Done right and your killin em ladies.
I'm pleased with the pics I've seen so far. Summer was kind of beat from M.O.B, gotta be honest. But we're not tryin to sleep on them, we knew they would come out with some fresh gear for us.

Happy Weekend.

Pounders at Yakatori Boy in Chinatown.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Album! New Tour

As I sit and bite my nails...
Only By The Night is the name of the new album. So excited.

The countdown begins.
November 15th in Philadelphia, PA at the Electric Factory. Presale on September 10th at 10 am.
If you can't wait and your in the Northeast check em out in New York at the Webster Hall September 23rd. Tickets available now.
God, I love these boys.

Performing the first single, Crawl, off of the new album.


Goal of the week. Work on Rife. Until then, here are some dope articles from around my way. Enjoy!

A Hello Kitty and MAC collaboration in 09?! Embrace your inner cutie.

Alexander McQueen to design for Target's Go International line?! Now I'm going to breathe.

Marc Ecko talking about the flack that Ralph Lauren got for using the pony logo on the US Olympic uniforms. Marc Ecko is a Business, man.

That ol' pony logo. Ralph Lauren causes a freakout with uptight Americans.

New Fafi stationery at OMOI in Philadelphia!I love my job.

Word of the day!
gam-ine (gam-in)
1. a neglected girl who is left to run about the streets.
2. a diminutive or very slender girl, esp. one who is pert, impudent, or playfully mischievous.
–adjective 3. of or like a gamine: a gamine personality; clothes for the gamine figure.
Use it in a sentence.

In the spirit of keeping this post as random as possible.

Wednesday night table tops.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shall I Proceed?

yo yo yo yo.
aight aight. so, keep your heart baby. keep your heart.

alright. so this is the deal. I've been crazy busy. I need help on the site! So, if anybody has somethin interesting to say holler at me, because I'm all about getting some different points of view on this joint. I keep an insane amount of notes on a daily basis. Howeva, my computer has been in the shop for the past week and I've just been checkin email when i can. So I cant really relay my notebook to the Interweb ya know what im sayin? So much is going on in the fashion world, sports?! hello Olympics, I've got a book club in the works, I'm working on projects in SF as well as Philly. The world is mine ya dig? Just playin, I'm just trying to help out friends and it happens to be on some dope ish at the moment and its been comsuming much time. I would really love some fresh minds to hit up my blog. Mad people SAY they want to, but if i had a dime everytime, damn! Honestly, I hope all my people are enjoying thier summer, making the best of what is givin to them. bless y'all! Dios de bendiga, yo. That means have a blessed day in Spanish. There's ya lesson. One.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fashion Show.

Yo, it's Sunday, beautiful summertime weather. We're keeping it crisp and clean at the shop on our block. Fresh music, tees, and lots of treats in the store. We are brainstorming on some ideas for photoshoots for the new apparel we've got coming into Omoi. I think we are leaning toward creating some fantastical neon worlds mixed with dope hair and makeup. Keep checking back for updates at the online blog.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Chadam Lives

I'm totally going to Comic Con next year. It's this great comic convention in San Diego and dope artists like Alex Pardee and Craola are there signing stuff and releasing exclusive prints and things. So many more amazing people are there it would take me all day to talk about it. I thought about how cool it must have been to be walking around there all weekend, last weekend. I was in New York this past Monday and I made my boss, Liz, stop in Midtown Comics with me. I mean in no way does it compare, but I felt like I owed it to myself to be selfish for a second. We climbed the stairs and I wandered in the two floor store awe until she told me it was time to go. There were tons of books, toys, videos, and of course comics. In fact, they were getting a new shipment in while we were there. Boxes and boxes unloading. I don't really read comics but I appreciate the artwork a whole lot and love books. Fantographic books are awesome. There was a Camille Rose Garcia book, The Magic Bottle, which I have never actually been able to flip through, so I can always find something cool. There, enough. I gotta go. Sorry for the lack of posts. This summer has been quite busy with school and work. I haven't even been to the beach yet!

Check this new Alex Pardee joint. This is the first footage from the 3D animation project he is putting together based on the character, Chadam. It was released at Comic Con and now here it is for all to see. Pardee originally created Chadam for the album artwork he did for In Love and Death, from the band, The Used. Since the creation of the blockheaded character an entire world has been materialized for him. He has amassed quite a following over the years. check check check it yall! Thanks.


The Otakon Convention is coming up, August 8-10th in Baltimore. It's a celebration of all that is Asian pop culture. I know my girl, Maggie, is going and shes super excited.