Thursday, May 31, 2007

Key Fucking Playas.

Hellz BellZ Summer 07'

Anarchist clothing. Be on the Edge. Stay tuned for the fall line. Word is our girl Liz, at Omoi, will be carrying the line. Also, check back for an interview with Liz. Should be up over the weekend. I'm mad pumped for HellZ BellZ fall line, & no I don't have a HellZ BellZ fall line dance, yet that is. Don't take yourself too seriously.


Skateboarding Is Not A Crime.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mischief & Temptation.

Bombshell: The Life & Crimes of Claw Money --Dropped.

Mad Love to Claw Money. Do what YOU love & fuck everyone else. Damn girl don't hurt 'em. Bomb walls not countries.
Have you peeped the Claw Money collection??? Those bombers are HOT.

It's true Ladies is Pimps too & we have an eye for detail.
For more info on CLaw Money check Format mags interview.

Nothing makes an outfit like an accessory. Noone makes accessories like BiJules NYC.

"Jules Kim is me, and Bijules is my brand. I have run Bijules for over four years now and we produce lifestyle jewelry. “Lifestyle jewelry” is more or less a cheap shot way of saying that what you wear inspires, or is driven, from yourself, and your life. I know it is true when I wear my stuff. You feel complete in a way that is like making a statement without saying anything."
LIve on the Edge & Experiment.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Segmented Realities.


Some serious innovaters.

Do What You Know. Know What You Do.

Word up Prala. Segmenting & recreating creative endeavours is defining & showcasing a subculture that is highly underestimated. Not only is Prala understaning & embracing streetculture he is giving transgressing anothers ideas. Its evolution, baby.
"I am using my imagination to capture the psychology of a segmented reality. These realities which are deposited into our subconscious everyday are the basis for a dialogue that goes mostly unnoticed. Once these "segmented realities" or images are transferred and converted into paintings they become a "memory document" , a sort of time capsule for my experience in history. "

Animate Yourself.

Political Junkies:

Some straight up bullshit. Politics gets me heated so I will keep this short. Honestly, what are we fighting for?

Get up off of Steve's Grill...

Butchy says Goddamit you be messin' up my spot with that chalk. Are you going to clean it up? I didn't think so.

Scotty will be manning the grill every Monday & Tuesday @ B&B's. Last night was mad fun, so it can only get better. Come get up next Monday. Miss J. Swank & I are making some killa kebobs. Look out.

Time Is Going Really, Really Slooooww.

Monday, May 28, 2007


BBQ @ B&B's

Enjoy this beautiful Memorial Day by taking some time out of your overrated day & stopping by B&B's for some specials. There will be plenty of grilling going on, but remember this BBQ is a BYOFB--Bring Your Own Food, Bithces. Steve's new grill is the shit, sort of, but it will be definitely get the job done.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Provoke Art. Create Yourself.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

First & Foremost & Once Again....
Damon Soule opening @ LIneage Gallery July 13th.
This is sure to be on the top 10 Highlights of the summer.
As you all know my love for Damon Soule's work is greater then my love for sneakers.
To the man of the hour, cheers.

"Thats not cool to be in the Hood.
Like who does that...with the chest hairs"

252 South Street

I went to pedestrian under the assumption that I could pick up an ill Dave White hat. You know the jawns, trucker hat sneaker on the side, shit is hot. Anyway, as one could imagine I was hot with anticipation, to say the least. I arrived I peeped the store like I had xray vision, & yet I saw no Dave White. I thought maybe, just maybe I wasn't seeing clearly considering the night before I was wearing PBR googles, & playing C-LO like the champ I am. Shit when you don;t know ask. So i ask the nice boys who hold it down at PEDESTRiAN what the deal with the Dave White merch was. (Online PEDESTRiAN is listed as a retailer). Word is Dave White isn't the easiest client to deal with. He never returns calls I didn't know it was casual like that Mr. White. Have all the Nike and Coca-Cola colabs gone to your head? Maybe you could get your crew to update your page, & stop disappointing. As far as PEDESTRiAN...the place is pretty fucking dope. The boys keep it real with sick music, & even nastier hats. The set-up is standard, but the boys are anything but. Mad props to PEDESTRiAN & their nice selection of MIKE products. See you guys @ FLUID.

PBR Googles, The REaL DEaL

It goes without saying, especially if you know us, B&B's is our spot. I-22 I-22, bitches. Bingo, porn, CLO, Sunday night dinner, RPS B&Bs never lets down. never. Did we mention chef lucky??!#!! Also Dave from PBR we love you. In fact you may be my hero. Can I have Job??? I am PBR!!!

1/2 Price Margaritas & PBR pounders

Miss J. Swank & I popped into Manny Browns on Wedensday afternoon to pre-pre game for KRS-ONE. 1/2 price margaritas and PBR pounders are the perfect way to get your swag on before a night of triple fisting, bingo, and some damn good beats.

Quick Shout out to our favorite girl holdin it DOWN in Swingtown

get your ass to the 215. Shit is LIVE, babygiirl.

FLUID, FLUID, You're 10 & I am pregaming @ the FOODERY.

This party cleary needs no explaination. Roxycottontail & PaseRock sponsored by paperstreet(Love these Guys) & PEDESTRiAN. On a side note I highly encourage day drinking. Try UnEArthly IPA Southern Tier.

J.Swank is also a firm believer in daydrinking--bloodymarys, turkey sandwiches, & dice.

When in doubt roll a 2-1-5 & you'll always land on top, baby.
heres a shot at N.3rd. quick shout out to dave and the crew who work hard at providing great drinks and food. the clams are bangin. we highly recommend ordering a Resurrection.
oh and another thing, here at RIFE we believe in the booze hound. productive booze hounds thank you.

Tapas, Menudo, & churros...sweet, sweet, churros.
Cafe Apamate @ 16th & south provides everything, but Menudo.
Don;t worry though, kids. If you think Menudo is tighter than spandex just ask me & I will make it happen.
There is only one place I spend more of my time at besides the bar, & that is cafe apamate.
Come booze...Did someone say sangria pitchers???
BYOB & private patio.
Did I mention my million dollar smile.
Yea its killa.
see ya suckas around.