Monday, May 4, 2009

New Print From Audrey Kawasaki: 'My Dishonest Heart'

Los Angeles based artist, Audrey Kawasaki, is known for her technically precise depictions of adolescent girls with enigmatic glares painted on wood panels. Her style is captivating because of the fine details and distinct due to her consistency in execution. Occasionally, I will check up on her blog, okonomide, because I really want a signed print and they sell out really fast! This time paid off because today she posted that one of my favorite paintings, 'My Dishonest Heart,' will be available for online purchase Saturday, May 9th at 12 p.m Pacific Time.

giclee print on smooth cotton rag paper
size: 9 1/2"x10 3/4" on a 11"x12 1/8" sheet
with frame: 11 1/2"x12 3/4"

signed and numbered edition of 200
150 of them will be available.
price of unframed: $100
framed: $235
shipping cost: tba

In other Audrey Kawasaki news, she has a solo show, Watching Shadow, in Japan this week at, Space Yui, in Tokyo.

Opening night is May 7th and runs until May 16th. Watching Shadow will feature 10 paintings and drawings. The 'Nagisa' cut out is stunning.

Her next solo show will be at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC in December.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Take A Glimpse Into Pre Fall

Take a look at some Pre Fall highlights at V Magazine online. The feature includes standouts from Calvin Klein, YSL, Givenchy, Zac Posen, Dolce and Gabbana, Lanvin, and Proenza Schouler, pictured above. I love the use of color and chunky accessories in this shot, you had me at lace up booties. Check the black dress with the sequin draped shoulder in the Givenchy highlight. Do the addition, factor in the subtractions, multiply the funds, and divide accordingly.

Friday, May 1, 2009

No Doubt Performs On The Today Show!

Luckily, I am up every morning between 8-830 am, no matter how late I get home, and got to catch this performance. Love her. Love them! Gwen Stefani is the reason I started wearing glitter in sixth grade. The rest is history.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Always On The Lookout

This weekend I was in sunny Philadelphia to celebrate 25 years with friends. We kicked off the first night at Fergies, a bar in center city, for a free show featuring Philadelphia's own, Chang Chang, and Faux Slang. Chang Chang, is a talented emcee on the rise. Since introducing us to his music project a few months ago he has played numerous shows in Philly, SXSW, and stays on his grind by going to NYC to participate in open mics whenever he gets a chance. As a friend I can honestly say that I am so proud of homeboy! Expect big things from him.

"FAUX SLANG is three piece outfit that has been active in the Philadelphia area since late 2006. Their beer-battered sound blends post-punk with space-rock while drawing a heavy influence from 60's pop." (via Myspace) The band consists of Rick Hass on lead vocals and keyboards, Ian Nauroth on guitar and backup vocals, and Adam Herndon on drums. Definitely a fun band to watch, their songs are catchy, and they put a lot of energy into their performance. Just give me indie rock!

I can't talk about a trip to the city without reppin' my crew from Omoi. Much love to Liz, Grace, Remi, and Bogdan. I've had my eye on this jacket from Hellz Bellz Renegades of Funk collection:

The overlapping collar is removable and it also unfolds into a fierce hood. So versatile, love it. The best part, like most things, is on the inside.

There is dynamite and underneath it reads: Hipster Killer. Come correct ladies, cop this jacket and many other goodies at Omoi today! Lots of new Shinzi Katoh items as well!

In other shop news, the boys from Fresh Melt Water have done it again. They opened their first retail outlet in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. Affectionately dubbed, No Libs, like 90% of everything in Philly, is an up and coming area filled with an interesting range of shops, restaurants, bars, and most recently, a beautiful Piazza. The Piazza is located in the center of the art deco condos around 2nd and Poplar. New independent stores are being added and it looks promising. I mean if the Jumbotron on the wall facing all of the Piazza doesn't do it for you, then stick to Rittenhouse. (Boring) Here is Andrew, Brooks, and Joey, reppin' their set at the new shop. Keep up with them at The Drip for more information on merchandise, releases, events, etc.

Philadelphia is full of crafty and interesting people. On Sunday, my lovely friend Amanda sent me a text to come out to the Independent Craft Fair that she was participating in with fellow artist, Kat Gun. I had a blast with them. The free PBR offered with the $2 entry was certainly a score. Also notable, I ran into a former instructor I had at the Art Institute, Gretchen Diehl. Her jewelry was so incredible that before I could get 20ft into the venue my friend, Lauren, and I were buying necklaces from her Birdqueen collection. I got this one:

Simply irresistible and affordable! Shop her collection!

All in all a fantastic weekend, rooftops, parties, dance offs, the best clams ever at North Third, best dive ever, Bob and Barbara's, and the best friends. I think I gave you enough links, no? Ah perhaps this one, download Chang Chang's full ep, "While You Were Out" right here, for FREE!
Peace y'all. As always, Have Fun.

Speaking of having fun, I am going to re host this video of Gabriella and Liz from M.I.S.S showin' us what they got on the dance floor in honor of International Dance Day. Now, I have never heard of it, but I'm taking their word because it is too funny and I love it. Get yer dance on!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Shay!!!

Sellassie Shamus Mckernan
One Tuff LiL Aries

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girl, Where You Been?

First off, I need to congratulate my homegirl, DAME, on the delivery of her baby boy, Shamus! The babe was born yesterday and the little guy comes clockin' in at 6lbs 14oz and 19.5in long. I'm honestly so happy for her and her man and wish them the best of luck. She was such a hot preggo chick too, while expecting, she would send me pictures from wherever she was at the time. I would get photos of the mountains in Humboldt County, the bay in Oakland, the sun sets in Miami, all the while maintaining RIFE. She deserves a major THANK YOU her for all her help on the blog, much love and respect ma.

So, the other night I got called out for my lack of posting. It came as a surprise because before I moved from Philadelphia I worked diligently on RIFE and wrote for shop, Omoi, as well. I would ask my friends if they had read this or that post and the response was the usual, "No, I haven't checked it in awhile, but I will!" No hard feelings though, when I started this with a friend two years ago there was always motivation to keep it movin' into something bigger, at least on my part.

As RIFE comes up on it's 2ND year we are welcoming new office space, 1,200 sq ft worth! It's a beautiful space with two offices, reception area, and 400 sq ft in a separate room that will be used for projects. I have been playing with makeup for a little over 6 years and here in Massachusetts have friends that are very talented MUA's and stylists. Together we will utilize the space for shoots, classes, and consulting.

Right now I do have a few projects I am working on for the official opening, but nothing I want to elaborate on just yet. The RIFE Studio promises some exciting events, art shows, and products being produced out of the place! We will not be using it as retail space. People keep askin' that one, would love to, but my idea for a store is something I can't produce, yet.

This blog content will be focused more on what is happening in the studio. I will continue to write about fashion, fun happenings, and what friends are up to! But mostly about pulling this project together and keeping everyone up to date with it all. Honestly, I can't wait to borrow my friend's truck this week to get some of my furniture and fixtures up there! Hopefully, by May the place will be completely set up. I have had so much fun writing and meeting some really fantastic people via the "blogger community."

Where I been? Well, ordering furniture, putting up lighting, cleaning the place, organizing my storage unit, quitting one job, starting another, raising a kid, bouncing around from Boston to Philly, and writing for M.I.S.S Crew. I must say, it is really exciting to be writing for an online magazine with worldwide readership. The ladies working on it are all brilliant with fresh points of view. Expect some great things to happen on the M.I.S.S website. I suggest setting it up in your Favorites, if it already isn't! You will still be able to catch me here, there, and everywhere! Thanks everyone so much for reading and I am looking forward to keeping you posted on what's next.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh No, this Lil white baby is not going to help you now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Banksy Dis

hahaha artfags.

wheels Chalk on wheels Some neighborhood kid would totally stick you up for this in PA.

Friday, April 3, 2009

OMFG I want these

Rotten flesh never looked so great

Thursday, April 2, 2009


It's fucking raining cats n dogs as usual in eugene, or. this is how I keep serenity.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Philthy Happenings

I Love this Brod, once I think I saw her smoking a cigar by Cuba Libre in Olde City...

Disgustingly Fun

I think Jen might had posted something about this before, but...


Fascination; charm; appeal.
Pictures from my folders. save that in your favorites. A couple of the photos were found just not sure of the photo credit.

Scarlett Johansson