Monday, January 28, 2008

Quick Fire

Kid Sister does an interview with is the online version of Vogue with the most up to date global fashion news. Don't hurt 'em.

New York Fashion Week starts February 1st. We are hoping to see Marc Jacobs this year since he threatened to take his show to Paris after agitated guests complained of the delay of his last show. Marc is the embodiment of American fashion his formula for cutting edge style remains unmatched. CFDA's president Diane von Furstenberg was even called in to persuade Jacobs to stay in his native New York, he eventually gave in and agreed to close the week with a Ready-to-wear show. So far, his name isn't on the posted schedule.

The pictures of Jessica Stam in this month's Prints and the Revolution editorial in V Magazine are dope. Check out the Mario Sorrenti photos too. Demi Moore is on this month's cover and she looks stunning.

Check the shots of our girl, Meg Connolly, over at Fire.

New works from Tara McPherson will be featured at the Jonathan Levine gallery in New York. The opening reception is Saturday February 23rd from 7-9pm. McPherson was born and raised in Southern California and currently works in New York. She is a talented and well rounded artist who still finds time to teach at Parsons. Mark the date.

Sorry we haven't been posting. Been kinda busy these past couple weeks. We'll get on it. LateR.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Leading Man

Streetwear impresario Marc Ecko is featured in the February issue of Entrepreneur magazine. So, the story goes that Ecko began his career making t-shirts in his parents garage in Jersey which eventually evolved into the development of the global force of Marc Ecko Enterprises. The world is your playground, redefine it. Click here for the article, "Inside the Billionaire's World."

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Haute Visitation

Do you remember the visitation of the saints? Well i was recently reminded of it because DJ Shadow is coming to the TLA next friday and he did the music for Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring/Summer Couture fashion show last year. The show was a clever take on Catholic iconography and all of the models wore halo headpieces that resembled details in the interiors of the Catholic church. Check out this video, it's a bit long, but the music is dope. If you love high fashion I'm sure you will appreciate. Look out for Dita Von Teese who modeled in this show.

DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, and Kid Koala will be gracing the stage at the TLA on South Street Philadelphia next Friday nite.

Cookie, I Believe You Are An Angel

Recently Ang came over and we did some makeup which is always fun. These pictures were among my top picks. Come over, I can make you pretty.

Welcome To This Dollhouse

Sugarcube and the 3rd Street Habit are having thier warehouse sale at the F.U.E.L Gallery in Old City this weekend. You will be able to scoop up some amazing pieces from 50-90% off and they are offering an additonal 5% off to cash paying customers. The sale is one day only and goes from 12-7pm. I must say that the new Sugarcube store in Old City is one of my favorites as far as layout and design. Check out the flyer for a listing of designers they carry.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wicked Style

Fafi Comes To M.A.C!

Famed French graffiti artist, Fafi, has been announced as the latest artist to do a collaboration with the cosmetic company. The line is looking rather large. From what I have seen we are looking at foundation, two eye shadow quads, which really means eight different colors, six paint pots, six lipsticks, four shades of lip glass, two iridescent powders, two shades of nail polish, and some character bags. That's alot of product! No word if all of this is coming to the US, but it is for sure that you will be able to play with new fun makeup soon. As with all the collections this will be a limited edition run. M.A.C's limited edition's usually sell out quick, and this one especially will be sure to hit big with the make-up junkies I'm sure. Fafi's signature "Fafinettes" will grace the packaging as well as the ad campaign. Expect the colorful products to hit counters February 13th and hot girls to be strutting everywere. This will drop just in time for fresh Spring looks. Bold colors have been all over the runways and nothing shows more confidence than a girl that can carry color. Have fun and be original!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Get Money!

Then take your ass down to this show!
Get As High as Wu Tang Get!

One Bunnies!


Shop Talk

Damn, already! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season, rang in the new year with good people, and are now ready to gear up for the next one. So we haven't posted in awhile, obviously. I have been fallin' back in Massachusetts with the family, I haven't been sleeping though. In fact, we have some new projects that we have been working on that I am really excited about, but I will get into that later.

First off, let's get into the post objective, which is Shop Talk. Recently I was in Boston shopping and knew that I had to make some time to check out the Bodega shop. When you're walking up to Clearway Street don't expect to see a sign, or clean windows with merchandise visuals. Instead, the spot looks like your corner convenience store with random products like paper towels and canned foods on the shelves that line the windows. Inside the concept is dope. Say hello to the boys chillen in the front room. Make your way to the back corner up to the soda machine and boom the door almost magically slides open to a clean room with hot merchandise. It seems like you are entering a secret cave of sure fire style orchestrated by the underground. The store stocks a deep selection of limited edition sneakers, tees, jackets, hats, retro sunglasses, some jewelry, and of course the ever present mix tapes. They even had a Trilladelphia mix with Low B and Deluxxx in the case. Not much for the ladies as far as apparel goes, when is there? They had a nice selection of sneakers. The staff was real chill and very friendly. Make sure to stop by Bodega the next time you are in Boston.

Bodega is located at
6 Clearway Street
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 421-1550