Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Quick Post

Although I am supposed to be working on school work, drank waaay too much coffee and my fingers are trembling as we speak, I can still deliver this.

I've posted about the new Palahnick movie, Choke, coming out this September, which by the way I am really excited. So, scrolling through SlamxHype today and discovered that Radiohead was asked by director, Clark Gregg, to contribute a song to the film. Well, after watching the movie the guys decided to provide the music throughout the entire movie. Score! Pun intended.

Could you imagine if the powers that be did a film adaptation of, The Haunted? Or maybe some kind of 3D animation project? That book is sickly grotesque. The type that will make you cringe and actually make you feel like you are in a dark, damp mansion with a dozen frantic characters. Here's an excerpt from a review on

...Is it sick? Well, sure, but I'm not sure what else you were expecting. This is, after all, the collection that contains the infamous "Guts," a story so knee-buckling that over sixty people have passed out, dropped right there on the bookstore floor, during the past year's readings...

Yea. Check it.

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