Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shall I Proceed?

yo yo yo yo.
aight aight. so, keep your heart baby. keep your heart.

alright. so this is the deal. I've been crazy busy. I need help on the site! So, if anybody has somethin interesting to say holler at me, because I'm all about getting some different points of view on this joint. I keep an insane amount of notes on a daily basis. Howeva, my computer has been in the shop for the past week and I've just been checkin email when i can. So I cant really relay my notebook to the Interweb ya know what im sayin? So much is going on in the fashion world, sports?! hello Olympics, I've got a book club in the works, I'm working on projects in SF as well as Philly. The world is mine ya dig? Just playin, I'm just trying to help out friends and it happens to be on some dope ish at the moment and its been comsuming much time. I would really love some fresh minds to hit up my blog. Mad people SAY they want to, but if i had a dime everytime, damn! Honestly, I hope all my people are enjoying thier summer, making the best of what is givin to them. bless y'all! Dios de bendiga, yo. That means have a blessed day in Spanish. There's ya lesson. One.

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