Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ramblin Roads

I miss Philly! It's been gone too long city. I came to Springfield, Massachusetts for some parties I had to attend and the NBA Finals about two weeks ago. Since moving to Philadelphia it's rare that I get to watch my home team's post season games with fellow fans. Usually it's just me and maybe a couple people in my living room. After a few days in the 413, we had to fly down to Arkansas for a family thing. Yea...

I must say that the state offered a lot more than expected. The lakes were beautiful, and tubing at ANY AGE is so much fun. Being detached from the world in the middle of the woods in a cabin does have its qualities.

Next up is New York from Thursday to Saturday. Definetly going to roam around and check out some exhibits.

Keith Haring at the Skarstedt Gallery
Who's Afraid of Jasper Johns at the Shafrazi Gallery
Jason Daquino's Delicate Excecution at Fuse Gallery
Jeremy Fish and Josh Keyes at the Joshua Liner Gallery
The MoMa has some great things too, I still haven't seen the Superhero's Fashion and Fantasy yet or the Jeff Koons exhibit on the roof.

This should keep me busy while Gill is at work right? I sure as hell can't shop because I have been traveling around so much the past couple of months, the funds are running low. I need a new hustle!

I'm returing to Philadelphia Saturday night with my homegirl, Gill, for the Live Forever party at the Barbary. I've never been to that one because I am always out of town! Honestly, I do not plan on leaving the 215 area for at least a month. I miss my place.

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