Monday, June 16, 2008

Do Your Thing Girl


Speculation on the career choices of cult queen, M.I.A., have been hittin the wire for a minute now. If the girl wants to take a break, let her take a break! We need some new songs to obsess over anyway! Her international tour schedule has been crazy, I read an interview over a year ago where she talked about her life and the affect non-stop regime of touring. Damn, I have seen her three times in the past year alone touring Kala, in different cities at that! It's understandable, at least she isnt pumping drugs into her system everyday and walking around callng herself a legend, Amy Winehouse...But, damn that girl can sing, I crave her music. Even though I do like to boast the collection of terrible Amy pics I have. Back to the subject! Another report speculates and tries to decypher the claims from that girl they call, Maya. May the Lord continue to bless her with words and wisdom, and us with prolific gestures. AMEN!

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