Monday, May 5, 2008


Wow! The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy so I apoligize for the lack of posts. Yes, I'm sure my droves of devout readers are super bummed. However, I am really pscyhed for a show that I have coming up this Saturday in Springfield, MA. Makeup is usually the last thing that artists finalize for a show, yet it is a crucial part to the complete idea. The usual order is wardrobe, hair, then makeup. When designers or stylists put together shows the finalized "look" goes to the the person in front of the makeup chair armed with pigments, creams, glues, lashes, an endless list of products that can transform a face. We can get rid of or add elements to the facial structure with simple strokes of the brush. It's so much fun and I have a great time doing it.

This Saturday Salon Chiala presents Cause and Effect 2008 at the Hippodrome. For the past four years Chiala Marvici has put together a hair/fashion show that benefits charities in the Western Massachusetts area. Chiala is an amazing National Redken Stylist and has a concept salon in downtown Springfield. Believe me, I know, she has done my hair for three years. Her passion for her craft is contagious and I'm excited that she asked me to be apart of it this year. Her team of stylists are fun, cutting edge visionaries that come up with thier own themes for sets down the runway.

This year their are five different sets coming from some of the most energetic people I have ever met. A punk rock urban theme with custom denim done by the fabulous Paul Anthony. Japanese girls are featured in Jaclyn's set. European lounge ladies with smoky eyes have been envisoned by Diana. Stiched up freakish zombie dolls will be followed by flourescent pop barbie dolls are coming from Lisa. Finally, the Queen of the festivities, Chiala, is looking into the future embracing technological textiles and closing the show. I haven't seen the hair styles yet, but I can tell you that the makeup concepts are off the walls and I can't wait. So! Saturday, yes tickets are a little pricey at 40 beans, but it's well worth it. we've got like 90 plus biddies struttin down the runway, drinks, and yea yea photogs...Hope to see you at the show!

Saturday May 10th 2008
Springfield, MA
contact Salon Chiala for tickets

Chiala Marvici

Paul Anthony

Jaclyn Lopes

Lisa Rosenfield

Diana Hunter

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Salon CHIALA said...

The Team @ Salon CHIALA loves you!
This is so neat!!!
See you on saturday!!