Thursday, May 15, 2008

Resort 09- Cruise Control

"No one enjoys resort quite like Mr. Karl Lagerfeld does."- Dan Green, buyer for Neiman Marcus and instructor at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Chanel will unveil the Resort collection tonight in Miami at the legendary Raleigh Hotel. Something like 120 celebrities are flying in just for this show. Fashion will drive people to extents they probably aren't willing to admit to. This year synchronized swimmers from the Olympic team will stage the finale in one of the most beautiful pools in the world. Karl Lagerfeld spares no expense when presenting his collections. Last year he flew all of his guests out on private jets to Santa Monica for a viewing of the collection. He also cites emotional motives to the reasons he chooses locations. This year it was about creating a connection and a presence in Miami that Coco or the Chanel brand never has had before. Stay tuned for our picks from this seasons collections.

The pool at the Raleigh Hotel

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