Thursday, May 15, 2008

Doesn't It Make You Feel Better?

Choke was the first Chuck Palahniuk book that I read. After that it was Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, The Haunted, and currently Rant. After reading The Haunted, I sent away for a signed copy of the Postcards From the Future DVD. A documentary that follows this brilliant writer from across the country promoting his work. Personally, when I was first introduced, Chuck Palahniuk was the future. His voice penetrated my world and has remained an inspiration for reading more and writing. I find myself re-reading his books and giving them as gifts. I only have one Palahniuk book left on my bookshelf, The Haunted, because I pass them along in hopes that I can be the middle man that serves as a catalyst in helping people compose and form thier point of view when they are writing. Also, because The Haunted is one of the sickest and disturbing stories I have ever read. I cringe thinking about the mayhem that unravels in those pages.

I am really excited to announce on this blog that, Choke, will be the next feature film and it will be in theaters September 26th. The film will star Sam Rockwell as the lead, Victor Mancini. The sex addict who pretends to choke at restaurants to get money to take care of his mother. Angelica Huston was cast as the mother in the movie. Yes, Palahniuk stories are never in the boundaries of normal, but they dive into the realites of human condition. The film was shot in only 25 days in New Jersey for 3.4 million. Then purchased for 5 million by Fox Searchlight. It recently won the Special Jury Prize in the Dramatic catagory for an Ensemble Cast at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Direction comes from Clark Gregg. If I could develop sentences like Palahniuk...This is a must see, mark the date.

Sam Rockwell, star of the movie

Chuck Palahniuk, master of text

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