Friday, May 16, 2008


Just got an email with an updated list of all of the trade shows, fashion weeks, and fashion events being held around the world. There are plenty more that aren't on this list. I narrowed it down to relevance. It's basically just an outline of dates to keep in mind if you are traveling, or interested in going to any of these events. Check websites first to see what you need as fas as credentials.

Surtex- Art and design for sale and license- New York- May 18- 20
Luxe Pack- Luxury Goods Packaging Exhibition- New York- May 21-22
ASR - Action Sports Retailer- Costa Mesa, CA- May 28-29
Dallas Fabric Show- Dallas- Trade Show- May 29- June 1
San Francisco Fashion Week- San Francisco- June 21- 24
Milan Menswear Ready to Wear- Milan- Fashion Week- June 22- 26
Paris Menwear Ready to Wear- Paris- Fashion Week- June 26- 29
Paris Haute Couture Collections- Paris- Fashion Week- June 30- July 3
International Fashion Fair- Tokyo- Trade show- July 15-18
Madrid Fashion Week- Madrid- July 17- 19
Berlin Fashion Week- Berlin- July 17-20
Miami Swimwear Shows- Miami- July 18-21
Capsule- Trade Show for independent menswear lines- New York- July 21-22
Eco Trade Show- Las Vegas- August 24- 27
MAGIC- Las Vegas- Trade show- August 25- 27
New York Fashion Week- New York- September 5- 12
London Fashion Week- London- September 14- 19
How To Start A Fashion Line- New York- Seminar- September 15
Vintage Fashion Expo- San Francisco- September 20- 21
Milan Fashion Week- Milan- September 20- 27
Trafik- an independent and contemporary trade show- South Beach- September 24- 26
Paris Fashion Week- Paris- September 27- October 5
Stylemax- Chicago contemporary trade show- October 18- 21
San Francisco Fashion Week- October 25- 28

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