Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hope Floats

Ok, we all know how I feel about this...
Now I'm sure you have heard that Rhianna wants to start a fashion line and she has been quoted as saying that it is "definetly on her agenda." Yea, that and weird headbands. Now, Leona Lewis wants to start a vegan fashion line. Oi. Oi. Just wear Stella McCartney and call it a day, come on. Don't know who Leona Lewis is? yea, she's the chick with one "hit" song on Adult Contemporary radio. The other day I was drivin and couldn't believe that Akinyele was on the radio, at one in the afternoon. That has to be one of the dirtiest songs to ever grace the airwaves. However, in the spirit of the moment, Put It In Your Mouth, goes out to Rhianna and Leona Lewis. Love Jenessa.

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