Monday, October 6, 2008


Now you can exhale. Oi, was this last game close! I had text messages flyin over my way from my peoples in Massachusetts at the start of the game and right at the end. Ah, the powers of technology and the intensity of Sox fans, we tight! I'm sure a lot of my buddies are going to work with bloodshot eyes tomorrow morning and taking naps in thier cars in the afternoon. Mmmm Hmmm. Luckily, one of my girls from Boston is crashing on my couch so I had some more enthusiasm up in this place. Great plays on both sides but the boys from Boston pulled through. The ALCS starts on Friday night where the Sox will have a meeting with the Tampa Bay Rays. Woot woot.

Ok, Ok. The Phillies too, I show you love too, in my own way. Been to your stadium. Enjoyed it. Will watch your game on Thursday night and root for you. Even though you are playing the Dodgers and Derek Lowe is pitching. Lowe pitched for the Red Sox in their champion season against the Yankees and I was sad to see him go AND my dear dear Manny, my favorite baseball player, is now playing for the Dodgers as well. Should be a great game and I'm excited for that as well. Citizen's Bank Park! Let's go Philly!

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