Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pledge Allegiance

I'm really glad that people are getting into the election. Quite honestly, I wasn't originally all about Obama. I supported Hillary because of her views on health care and education. When she was dropped, I was bummed, but I am happy to back Democratic candidate, Senator Barack Obama. It's hard for me to get into politics considering the past two presidential elections that left me devastated. However, it is important to register and keep yourself informed. Disappointments are a fact of life. Get used to em. It is our job as American citizens to make this country better no matter what party you claim. The world and a whole lot of our own citizens view America as a bunch of idiots. I don't, I love the US. All in all, this country is ours and we have to stick together in order to maintain global supremacy whatever your issue. One Love Y'all. Oh, and one rule I totally abide by, when drinking, never talk politics or religion, shit gets heated.

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