Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Out of the Box

Style.com has the most user-friendly website when it comes down to fashion show coverage. It's excellent because the pictures are specific to your catagory of interest. I always begin with the beauty section, so that I can get a feel for where the collection is going, then the details, and finally the complete collection, which I do in a slideshow rotation. Galliano always uses Pat McGrath to construct the faces. She is the global creative director of Max Factor Cosmetics and an absolutely phenomenal artist, check the record. The creativity between the two of them pushes the limits of conventional beauty which offers a spectrum of opportunity for anyone to achieve a desired look no matter how 'out of the box' it may appear. The John Galliano collection was so much fun to go through. I decided to highlight these amazing shoes, they truly defy the standards for footwear, love it. As well as some makeup and hair. The rest of the commentary on the collection can be handled by the people that were there and the man himself with the video attached to the post. Appr├ęcier!

Love how the lip gloss looks like it is dripping off of Jessica Stam's lips.

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