Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rock The Ink

This year Rock The Ink, a music and tattoo lifestyle expo, will set up for three days, October 24th, 25th, and 26th in Providence, Rhode Island at the Dunkin Donuts Center and the Rhode Island Convention Center. The tattoo expo will feature over 100 of the top tattoo artists in the world, fine artists, celebrities, local band competitions, and much more. Some of the guests featured are Ami James and Yoji from Miami Ink, Shawn Barber, Alex Grey, and yes those Rock of Love girls. Some of the bands are scheduled to perform are Killswitch Engage, Saliva, Madball, All That Remains, and Sevendust. Bret Michaels is headlining the final night, just sayin. This is a pretty rad event with a lot going on all three days, check out more of the details here.

Tickets are 37.50 for one day or 77.50 for all three days. You can also purchase a 97.00 VIP pass which is good for one day.

But for real, you had me at Ami James.

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Victoria said...

Two of my favorite words, Ami James. lol For more on Ami and Miami Ink, check out my blog: