Friday, April 4, 2008


Last night in New York was crazy. Started out with Makers Mark Manhattans at this Korean restaurant around the corner from the Showroom Gallery. Food was amazing and the bartender was a trip. By the end of it, we were singing whatever Kanye West song was on and and I busted out with Outkast's International Players Anthem, (the girls part). After two Manhattans I can make friends with the wall, by the way. Ok, so it was off to the gallery. OI OI was that place HOT. Crammed with people. So much so, that I bumped right into Claw Money and didn't realize it til I looked at the chick who stepped on my shoe. Fafi looked darling, Cope, the True Legend was hangin tough. The house was packed. Here are some flicks from the show.

This guy below, Mel, is amazing. I ran into him at the Come Correct show where he asked to take my picture. Then we went to Gallery Bar for DVS shoe party where we met again and took more pictures. After THAT I saw him at the Red Bull Space where Chuck Inglish, one half of The Cool Kids was Dj'ing. More pictures followed, and so did more drinks, all free. Score! We ended up havin a chat because our meetings were sheer coincidence. Some people you are meant to meet, I guess. He takes photos for the Village Slum. Check it out.

Here's one of his shots from last nights events.

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