Friday, April 4, 2008

Feet First

I wore these on the day of the Bridge Art Fair in New York last Thursday. I had been traveling the entire week and I couldn't fit these in my luggage so I had to wear them. Not that I'm complaining! Love 'em. In fact, my most comfortable pair of shoes. However, they have taken on a life of thier own. Everytime I have them on in New York people stop me to take pictures of them. Most notably at the DQM store. Even here in Philly, spotted me at the Jinxed Heart show. Back to the point, this dapper lookin fellow snapped my boots at the fair and told me the blog he wrote for, Just today I finally checked it and his blog is pretty dope. Shout to Reynolds.

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Betsey J. said...

I randomly came across your blog and I love it.
Great Stuff.