Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And The World Spins Round


This is a really good video from VIMBY spotlighting some of Philadelphia's up and coming talent. It's becoming more evident in marketing that encompassing diversity within your brand is crucial to success. The exchanges between fashion, music, art, sports, and culture are triggering exciting talent with a common philosophy to come together creatively. It's occurring at all levels of the industry. The Takashi Murakami retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum recently is a prime example. That night saw an intense performance from Kanye West, an artist with not only an inimitable musical gift, but you have to give it to him, the boy has style. Past Murakami collaborator and top American fashion designer, Marc Jacobs was there to show support. In front of the museum, stands of fake Louis Vuitton bags proved to be a teaser to the Louis Vuitton shop that was set up inside. Ah, art, commerce, and globalization, the world is yours friends.

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