Friday, June 1, 2007

Make It Contagious

Love What You Do

NATIONAL GO SKATEBOARDING DAY is June 21st, kids. So grab your deck, & push your limits. Life is nothing if you don't take any risks. Mad props to Bob Burnquist, a personal inspiration of mine since I was 13 or so. Innovation. Dedication. Persistency. Be the dream.

Rebel to Conformity.

El-P June 12 @ the church. Can I get a hell yes?? Speaking of hell yes...Beck is doing a show in October sponsored by none other then the wonderful people @ paperstreet. Spankrock is also on the bill. Summer time & the livin' is easy. Stay up.

Also, peep the free album the def jux crew made for adultswin. Nice colab if you ask me.

Yes.Yes. Yall & You Don't Stop.

Free LCD Soundsystem show on the 6th.There are a few stipulations & yes they involve myspace & your top friends. Noone has real friends these days, but everyone knows how to get fresh. Follow these simple instructions & you will be cooler then the other side of your pillow.


1. Add LCD Soundsystem and The List to YOUR Top Friends.

2. Send a MESSAGE to The List with your name/e-mail answering this question:

3. Once you’re on The List we’ll send an e-mail with venue info and instructions on how to pick up your tickets for you and one guest.

Remember no glowsticks, energy balls, or other lame raver kid toys. Fist pumping is highly encouraged, though. Dance safe, or some bullshit.


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