Monday, June 4, 2007

Dwelling Pop Culture Addict

Now Here's A Little Story I Gots To Tell:

Beastie Boys instrumental album, "The Mix-Up" drops June 26th. "The Mix-Up" deviates from rhymin' & stealin'. The album contains no samples or vocals, & instead of composing songs with computers the boys actually took some intiative & did all the tracks themselves. Well almost. Are the Beasties progressing like they are aging? Maybe. According to an interview on Pitchfork, Mike D said, " We're trying to really cross over into the whole Jamband, Bonnaroo, Givernment--What's it, Gov't Mule? That whole genere." Glad to see Mike D has retained his sense of humor with his old age. What time is it?? Time to get heady?? Let's hope not. What ever happened to staelin' honeys & bikes?

Don’t Sleep. Get Your Due.

Paid Dues Tour is hittin’ Philly. It’s going to be the biggest thing to hit these little kids. Bigger then Jesus. Bigger then wrestling. The tour features the first performaces by FELT, [Murs 3:16 (Living Legends) with Slug & Ant (Atmosphere)] which is something not to be missed. Also. my man Aesop Rock & El-P will be droppin' lobotomy beats. This show is going to take place during the day and is modeled after the Vans Warped Tour. Don't be a sucka. Grab some tickets.

Can I Get That In A Sentence Please?

Drunken Spelling Bee @ Bob & Barbra’s Monday June 11, 2007 Sponsored by our favorite retro beer PBR. The drunker you are the better off you are. Miss J. Swank & I have some treats & Scotty will be manning the grill as always. Lets hope I make it past the first round this time. Winner gets a case of PBR a week for a month. P-B-R.

The Blood of Creativity Flows threw my ARTeris

Kevin Bourgeois Artwork-- Resurrection of iconoclastic pop culture.

I"ll Sleep When You're Dead.

EL- P is one of the finest & influential producer who still manages to retain integrity. There is an edge that El-P has personified & it lives vicariously through his diverse collaborations. He always manages to keep his individuality, but still keeps it fresh. This is the epitome of an Innovator. Not only is El-P a phenomenal producer, but also he is founder of much respected Definitive Jux Records. Hard Work does pay off. Be the Dream. Forget the haters. Be Yourself. See you at the show.

Make You Sweat.

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