Monday, June 18, 2007

Box Fresh.

Kick Push

Skateboarding is not a crime, but a potential olympic sport. Discussions are in session to debate the debut of skateboaring in the 2012 Olymic Games in London.

1989 The Number Another Summer

Get Fitted Ya Bitch Ass Bastard

Bobby Hundreds & crew show some lady love with their new girls line Tens. The Gem logo tee is my fav. Did someone say synergy?

Lady Killa & Stella.

Posted up & killin' 'em on South Street all day.

Thoughts and Ideas--Heavy
A Sit Down with Liz
There's a treat in Philadelphia. You can find it on 16th and Pine.
In the quest to find a boutique that is a perfect balance between streetwear and femininity we found Omoi. The location of the store and the window display happen to be distinctive aspects of the store. Instead of showcasing feature merchandise like the Hysteric Glamour line or Upper Playground, Liz decided to evoke curiosity by placing bright checkered umbrellas and the lifestyle key items. Drawing on her experience of living in Japan she brings you cheeky jewels, fire tees and gorgeous handmade kimono tops from Philly based Keiko Ozaki, if your daring enough. You can even cop a pair of Jeremy Fish pillows or a Sam Flores ashtray, you can place that adjacent to the the new copy of Swindle.

When asked about inspiration she simply stated that she "marches to the beat of her own drum machine." If anything she likes to check out what Yoppi is doin with it. Liz sees Philadelphia as "inspired, unique, and comfortable" Location sets her apart from other stores in the city. But its really the merchandise that makes Omoi a jewel among the brownstones. Of course we had to ask her about music. She sweetly replied that she is "currently in a rock-a-billy phase." Immediately we told her that the Kings of Leon would be in town in a few days and shes already seen em, twice. Shopping around you will hear a mad decent mix of everything.

Look out for Hellz Bellz in the fall. Punk never died.

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