Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the creative & the conscious

Strickly For The SuperFemale.

London raised Karen Jane founded Not Bad For A Girl(NBFG) in 2006. The young designer is holding it down in a men driven industry. Through her dedication & her work she has established a company that is not only respected, but a prominent player in streetwear. There are few females who are taken seriously in the industry, but NBFG retains femininty while projecting an edge. Karen's boldness & love for the daily grind can be attributed to her upbringing," I was an eighties child growing up in a town in the middle of nowhere. I hung around with my older brother mostly tagging-along with him and his mates, doing stuff they did. I'd take my hands off the handle-bars going downhill even though I'd wipe-out. I'd climb trees even though I'd scrape my knees. I would risk a dead arm trying to sneak off with the latest Electro album on tape..". Her "love over game plan" comes out in her T-shirts. Not only is Karen making a name for herself in a men dominated industry, but she's giving back to a community as well. 5% of every purchase made through this site is donated to Cancer Research UK in memory of my brave Mum, Patricia Ann. NBFG is the reality & Karen Jane is a key playa.

Compelling Prose, Stunning Imagery!

Sneaker Marmalade(SM) brings more then just fresh pics of kicks. From interviews with brand spokespersons to collectors this sneaker magazine is aiming to raise the bar. SM is printed in both English & French & is advised by the great Thomas Giorgetti(Sneaker Addict Paris). To all you sneakerheads get up on this mag, because its dope.

End-to-End Project

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Adidas teamed up with Foolocker & then collaborated with 7 graffiti artists to create 1 collection in 3 days. The collection has a few nice pieces, especially the Stan Smiths by SIloette. I'm all about the satin linning in this shoe. The Pro Lawn jawns by Can2 & Atom are something to talk about, also. I'm not the biggest Adidas fan, but I appreciate this project to no end.

Go Getta.

Prominent female graffiti artist Siloette definitely has something to say & even more to show. She manages to keep girly by using pastel colors & mystical characters. Damn it sure is good to be a girl.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Glam Demons by Hypethetic have swarovski crystals and a velvet tongue. Yea I'm all about these kicks. They will be mine. Yes sir.

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