Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vote Omoi in Nooka Nooka!

Omoi is competing in a contest for Nooka watches! The stores that were involved each submitted a vinyl toy and Omoi is representing Philadelphia with their Garbage Pail Kids style Sumo wrestler! Ya see, the toy was designed and painted by artist Mark Pingitore, who is a concept artist at Topps, Inc. (hence the GPK connection). The detail is amazing, from the bun in his hair to the movement on his face and body.

You can vote HERE!

You can pick one or three faves after which you enter your email address. You may vote only once per email address, so perhaps you could give a second vote with a work email? They will ask you to check your inbox to confirm your vote, but you won't be signed up on any mailing lists unless you choose to.

Check him out!

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