Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crew Love

Fat Joe Talks Graffiti from iced media on Vimeo.
Courtesy of ICED Media, thanks for the look.

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DameZilla said...

Much respect to tats cru, amazing piecers, big up to the Bronx and the rest of the rotten apple.
But you know I have to say something...
Graffiti WAS originally a black and spanish thing, da whiteboys didn't dominate until graffiti became a sport.

let's bring this back to Philly for one second...
One of the big differences between Philly graff (the original birthplace) and other cities, in Philly you still have uncles, fathers, sons, cuzns in the same crew. You'll see a hand pop up from a cat that ain't been seen in 10/12 yrs (probably cause he just got out of CFCF). We have crackheads, teachers and firemen that are all live street writers. Trill Philly graff has this swagger to it that sets it apart from everywhere else.