Monday, January 5, 2009

Never Have I Ever

Had an obsession with a blind box series. Drink.

I've fallen victim! Honestly. Frank Kozik's latest collaboration with Kid Robot has me fixin' to track down every single 1.5-inch mini figure in the standard limited third series. There are 15 designs total and so far I have nine! I was initially drawn to the bubble gum popping labbit, and that one took me at least 25 open boxes to get. I had to work out a two for one deal with a girl in OMOI, because, yes, I have doubles, and boy was that a close one! I would take a photo of the little guys I have but pretty much everything of mine is in storage at the moment. BTW. '08 was all about living out of the suitcase. Maybe '09 will have me sitting in one place? Mehhhh. Not my speed.

Here's the glorious bubble poppin' labbit. ENJOY!

Smorkin' Labbits and other blind box's are available at OMOI.

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