Monday, January 5, 2009

Artist Spotlight: WK Interact

"I have created my own jail because I have created my own image"- WK

I really appreciate when someone can admit to the fact that stimulation from a city creates the drive to create, especially in New York City, a place that a lot of people tend to talk down upon without spending any time there. Movement is a natural force that can be broken down and studied in different ways. Some people see movement in music, others in the fluidity of a garment, perhaps the movement of numbers strikes your fancy. The January issue of Juxtapoz Magazine issue #96 features the art of WK Interact, an artist with a 'built-in motion' style of painting. His work reflects the study of the movement of people. His excecution reflects a militant approach to the development of composition. In the issue on newsstands now, he talks about his struggles in New York, how he decides on places to strike, and gives insight on the reason black and white is his choice of paint. Pick up an issue.

Some of WK's work
A piece I spotted in L.E.S section of New York. A rainy day.
Also featured in the issue are Insa, Munk One, Ian Francis, and Jeremyville.

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