Sunday, July 13, 2008


I've talked about Rojas a bunch on Rife. We love it at OMOI. It sells amazing and OMOI is one of the only stores on the East Coast to stock Rojas. Total lifestyle steez. I rock it all the time. Styles for miles. You can't knock this label outta Cali right now. HOT HOT HOT. check it! Freddie and Alejandra talking about the design process and brand identity. By the way, on an inside note, Alejandra is not only the designer for womenswear, the girl does trade shows. She will try on her designs to sell them as you pick it off the racks in the middle of the floor! How many companies can you say do that? She is sweetheart to work with, and definetly a label we are hype on. Come down and try stuff on with us.

We HAD it for cheap. If you missed tent sale this weekend, all full price apparel was marked down 40%. Back to business on Tuesday! Full price. Yo, not trying to hate. If anyone knows me, I don't hate on ANYONE unless you are, well, flaky. This chick came into the shop thinking we had TENTS on sale in the back, TENTS! Then she wanted to know why a certain band we had playing wasn't currently touring, I tried to explain that the band is in the studio working on tracks, but she didn't get it. She was blonde. For real. Just sayin'.

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