Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Faster Kill Faster

So, apparently my new thing is to get drunk and go running. If you happen to notice that I am missing from the bar or your rooftop for over twenty minutes without saying bye, chances are I'm sprinting around somewhere. Don't worry. I come back. Honestly, I feel like it gets the alcohol out of my system faster. I have too much energy and sometimes it's gotta come out ya know?

New Rifette, Miss Grace. My fingers are over my mouth so I could try to put a serious face on, whenever I am around her I just laugh. Oh snap, I should mention that me and homegirl will have Sundays at the shop so come through. 1608 Pine, duh. Not this Sunday though, I'll be in NY for the Summer Stage show, with this chick

Gilly gill gill. pronounce those g's softly will ya? like Jill.

On a side note. My neighborhood can get kinda shotty at night. No pun intended. But, when I was running last night and an undercover rolled up and asked if everything was ok. Now, I don't like cops, but it is nice to know they are patrolling the area even if you don't see them, I guess.

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