Thursday, July 17, 2008


We love Bob and Barbara's. I haven't been down in a minute but every time we go back we get spoiled. I won at Bingo! I never win. Unfortunately, I didn't win any raunchy porn or Bob Dix prints. I was really feelin the furry handcuffs, but my girl Amanda got those. Instead I won the mystery prize. The mystery was an Official PB&J sandwich, most likely made by Bingo Bob himself, a Powerpuff girls beanie, and a Special. Hey, I'm not complainin'. Our table won a total of three times which is pretty damn amazing. I think it was the bobble head frog Lucky gave us to sit on our table. There is no place like Bob and Barbara's in the city of Philadelphia. I mean, where can you play dirty Bingo, watch Butchie smack his ass as he dances to the 'Gravel Pit', get free tees, talk sports, learn some Spanish, and drink for CHEAP? There is always a dope collection of DVD's Lucky keeps stashed away. This week he let me borrow 'Bomb It' a documentary of sorts of graffiti around the world. OK so I just popped it in and it won't play. You can't win em all. Ah Philadelphia how I love you.

Notice the PB&J is missing.

Joe rockin the beanie. He totally stretched my shit out.

Amanda drew a tattoo on me during the bingo break. It was a pretty rose.

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