Sunday, July 6, 2008


At B & B's starting Monday Night July 28th our good friends from The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society will be laying the SMACKDOWN on any and all comers who DARE to challege their supreme brilliance at PICTIONARY!!!|
If by some small miracle you should happen to upset the champs than you will be rewared for your heroic efforts with a prize,but if you are defeated(which is the probable outcome)you WILL be mocked and stoned by the local villagers. Come on down,grab a SPECIAL, buy some of Ferrell and C.

L's grub and CHALLENGE the THRONE!

Home away from home. This Monday is DSB, or Drunken Spelling Bee. It's a fun time, actually it gets pretty packed now, people get really rowdy and kinda obnoxious. Then they try spellin shit and you want to punch them. I mean, if your into that sort of thing. I know I end up there often, mostly cuz Scotty is the man. First and third Mondays, monthly.

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