Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh Industry

What qualifies a celebrity to be a designer? Is it their capability to be photographed wearing a "signature style" orchestrated by a stylist? Access to high end designers? Or is it their fans that corporate America thinks will flock to department stores to score the latest design from an ex-O.C star, reality t.v. ditz, or a Hollywood floozy? Who knows, but i think it's pathetic. So here is the latest roster of celeb "designers"

1. Rachel Bilson- now don't get me wrong, the girl is cute, she's got some style, apparently Donna Karan thinks so because she is slated to design for the DKNY brand. It will be juniors sportswear and will hit major department stores across the country in September 2008. The line will be called Edie Rose.

2. Whitney Port- all i have to say is, The Hills. She will have jackets and dresses in upscale L.A boutiques.

3. Heidi Montag- are you fucking serious? This broad needs to sit down. She's talkin' "sexy dresses, fun, girly clothes" The "brand" will be called Heidiwood. What a joke.

4. Lindsay Lohan- OI. OI. OI. This chick is designing LEGGINGS?!?! What?? Nah. I'm not writing anymore. That should say it all.

Sad, pathetic, but this is all true.

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