Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hussle Hussle

There is a delicious interview with Lanie Alabanza, the designer of cult favorite, Hellz Bellz in Format Magazine. She offers up some good insight on the industry and shows mad love to her man. Love design duos!

Here is a little taste from the chat, check out the rest of it riight here

Format: To what do you attribute the lack of female designers in streetwear?
Lanie: It may not seem like it but female designers definitely have a presence in streetwear, that’s for sure. Just because they may not be in the forefront with their own line, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. As far as female brands in streetwear, the niche is still pretty small but it’s good to see that it’s progressing. I’ve been seeing a lot more women’s brands popping up as of lately, but whether or not they are actually designed by a female or have some guy behind the computer designing for them, that I don’t know. It would be nice to think that a female is behind them all and not just a face for a brand.

OMOI in between 16th and 17th on Pine stocks Hellz Bellz, more than just one or two hoodies, Deep Sleep. There is more to come for Holiday, Liz already has the order in! Stop in and check it out. OMOI is on our links, she's got a well developed site up with most of the merchandise available to purchase.

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Dope interview on HELLZ BELLZ!