Saturday, November 24, 2007

calle 13 ft orishas - pal norte-El Residente

Over the Thanksgiving holiday its always interesting to get together with your family and bring each other up to date on "whats up." My dad, being a man of the times that he is, asked me if i knew about Calle 13, a Boriqua rapper. Apparently homeboy stole the show with a dope performance at this years Latin Grammy's. He won 3 awards this year for his sophomore effort, and 2 for his debut, Calle is a political MC that literally represents the street that he came from. Similiar to M.I.A. One thing you must understand about Puerto Ricans is that we are completely tacky, we aint gonna deny that shit and it may be ridiculous but hey...
collabs with nelly furtado. yo she loves the island. does mad videos over there.k
denied puffy. homie tried to sign him. didnt work.

"He's more Puerto Rican than Puerto Rico" Melissa Ramierez

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