Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girl, Where You Been?

First off, I need to congratulate my homegirl, DAME, on the delivery of her baby boy, Shamus! The babe was born yesterday and the little guy comes clockin' in at 6lbs 14oz and 19.5in long. I'm honestly so happy for her and her man and wish them the best of luck. She was such a hot preggo chick too, while expecting, she would send me pictures from wherever she was at the time. I would get photos of the mountains in Humboldt County, the bay in Oakland, the sun sets in Miami, all the while maintaining RIFE. She deserves a major THANK YOU her for all her help on the blog, much love and respect ma.

So, the other night I got called out for my lack of posting. It came as a surprise because before I moved from Philadelphia I worked diligently on RIFE and wrote for shop, Omoi, as well. I would ask my friends if they had read this or that post and the response was the usual, "No, I haven't checked it in awhile, but I will!" No hard feelings though, when I started this with a friend two years ago there was always motivation to keep it movin' into something bigger, at least on my part.

As RIFE comes up on it's 2ND year we are welcoming new office space, 1,200 sq ft worth! It's a beautiful space with two offices, reception area, and 400 sq ft in a separate room that will be used for projects. I have been playing with makeup for a little over 6 years and here in Massachusetts have friends that are very talented MUA's and stylists. Together we will utilize the space for shoots, classes, and consulting.

Right now I do have a few projects I am working on for the official opening, but nothing I want to elaborate on just yet. The RIFE Studio promises some exciting events, art shows, and products being produced out of the place! We will not be using it as retail space. People keep askin' that one, would love to, but my idea for a store is something I can't produce, yet.

This blog content will be focused more on what is happening in the studio. I will continue to write about fashion, fun happenings, and what friends are up to! But mostly about pulling this project together and keeping everyone up to date with it all. Honestly, I can't wait to borrow my friend's truck this week to get some of my furniture and fixtures up there! Hopefully, by May the place will be completely set up. I have had so much fun writing and meeting some really fantastic people via the "blogger community."

Where I been? Well, ordering furniture, putting up lighting, cleaning the place, organizing my storage unit, quitting one job, starting another, raising a kid, bouncing around from Boston to Philly, and writing for M.I.S.S Crew. I must say, it is really exciting to be writing for an online magazine with worldwide readership. The ladies working on it are all brilliant with fresh points of view. Expect some great things to happen on the M.I.S.S website. I suggest setting it up in your Favorites, if it already isn't! You will still be able to catch me here, there, and everywhere! Thanks everyone so much for reading and I am looking forward to keeping you posted on what's next.


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