Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wicked Style

Fafi Comes To M.A.C!

Famed French graffiti artist, Fafi, has been announced as the latest artist to do a collaboration with the cosmetic company. The line is looking rather large. From what I have seen we are looking at foundation, two eye shadow quads, which really means eight different colors, six paint pots, six lipsticks, four shades of lip glass, two iridescent powders, two shades of nail polish, and some character bags. That's alot of product! No word if all of this is coming to the US, but it is for sure that you will be able to play with new fun makeup soon. As with all the collections this will be a limited edition run. M.A.C's limited edition's usually sell out quick, and this one especially will be sure to hit big with the make-up junkies I'm sure. Fafi's signature "Fafinettes" will grace the packaging as well as the ad campaign. Expect the colorful products to hit counters February 13th and hot girls to be strutting everywere. This will drop just in time for fresh Spring looks. Bold colors have been all over the runways and nothing shows more confidence than a girl that can carry color. Have fun and be original!

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