Tuesday, December 11, 2007

File This Under...

Karl Lagerfeld citing Amy Winehouse as his inspiration for his latest collection. Really? The toothless junkie with the obnoxious beehive? Even Victoria Beckham has cited Winehouse as an icon as of late. How can you give icon status to someone who has been around for less than a year or so? Not too chic, however, the adorned beehives that went down the runway were exquisite. I just don't see them having much life after the catwalk. All in all the Pre-Fall 08 collection fused together beautiful fabrics, giant jewels, layers of texture, and signature English flare. Chanel did turn out some great looks and here are a couple of highlights. Check out more of the collection and a review from Sara Mower at Style.com


Dear Urban Outfitters:

As much as you are tired of seeing me, the feeling is mutual and unfortunately I will be back tomorrow because the coat I bought as a christmas gift for my sister is missing a button and itchy. Also, I'd like to thank the staff member at the west philly store for rumaging through my purse and treating me like a common criminal, thanks betch love you too. Lastly the models on the website need to eat 1 to 7 cheeseburgers. that is all. thank you. I also do batmitzfahs and sweet sixteens.
laura h.


In a cape! YES. Miss Rosario Dawson looking spectacular.

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doll said...

fUCK uRBAN, Urban = Abercrombie for the 'damn the man"/"fUCK main stream" kids. pssst... what is main stream when everyone is shopping at urban!? (im just jealous cause their isnt an Urban in Mass) oohhhhh Miss Dawson! git at em guurl*