Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's a Puerto Rican Thing.


yo here is where i get Puerto Rican on yo ass. do not hate. Jennifer Lopez has a new album that drops on Tuesday. the album is titled 'Brave'. Regardless of reviews i will be the first in line to grab that shit. Now i understand, most def, i will be the first one to say home girl can't act, damn she ain't the best singer, but she can perform. She is confident and she can dance. She delivers a performance like no other ( i got DVDs to prove it, lets go) and she is the highest paid Latina actress/performer EVER. That doesn't come from being some sideline chick. I don't care what you say, she came from being a dancer in the Boogie Down, HUSTLIN' to a CEO of her own industry that includes feature films, television shows, fashion, and music. A multifaceted dynamic powerhouse that has taken over the globe and she's barely hit her mid thirties. A muse to many and a leader in her own respect, best believe i am writing about this. Oh and catch Mrs. Marc Anthony on the road with her man. I can t wait...Boriqua WHAT!

October 8th - MTV's TRL
October 9th - Good Morning America on ABC
October 9th - Late Show with David Letterman

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Ya mama!