Thursday, August 23, 2007

Be The Scene.

There's A Friendly Ghost In Town.

Casper is bombing the city with his infamous ghost & drip tag. Be on the look out for Casper he's not stopping anytime soon.

"Loyalty, Freedom, Creativity, & Camaderie" is not only something LOLA NYC embraces, but personifies. This clothing company is grounded in freedom, anarchy & sheer dedication. LOLA NYC is run, owned & founded by 3 guys in the know since 1st grade. In the years of teenage wasteland they established Lola Prentice Memorial Park which became a prominant place for young skaters. Like all good things the park came to an end & the boys parted ways. Their love for it all brought them back together years later & they formed LOLA NYC as a dedication to the skate park. The boys are onto something. Their designers are excuted with simplicty, but their messgae resonates & sets them apart--Rebellion can establish.

Pop Art--Toasted.

Grafitti artist Denz has covered it all from freights to sneakers & now she coined the toaster. The pioneer artisit was done with the mundane tankers & oil freights & decided to take pop art to a new level. She has turned the toaster into a purse. Functionable art. Innovative design. Denz

The interior lights up.

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