Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Segmented Realities.


Some serious innovaters.

Do What You Know. Know What You Do.

Word up Prala. Segmenting & recreating creative endeavours is defining & showcasing a subculture that is highly underestimated. Not only is Prala understaning & embracing streetculture he is giving transgressing anothers ideas. Its evolution, baby.
"I am using my imagination to capture the psychology of a segmented reality. These realities which are deposited into our subconscious everyday are the basis for a dialogue that goes mostly unnoticed. Once these "segmented realities" or images are transferred and converted into paintings they become a "memory document" , a sort of time capsule for my experience in history. "

Animate Yourself.

Political Junkies:

Some straight up bullshit. Politics gets me heated so I will keep this short. Honestly, what are we fighting for?

Get up off of Steve's Grill...

Butchy says Goddamit you be messin' up my spot with that chalk. Are you going to clean it up? I didn't think so.

Scotty will be manning the grill every Monday & Tuesday @ B&B's. Last night was mad fun, so it can only get better. Come get up next Monday. Miss J. Swank & I are making some killa kebobs. Look out.

Time Is Going Really, Really Slooooww.

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