Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mischief & Temptation.

Bombshell: The Life & Crimes of Claw Money --Dropped.

Mad Love to Claw Money. Do what YOU love & fuck everyone else. Damn girl don't hurt 'em. Bomb walls not countries.
Have you peeped the Claw Money collection??? Those bombers are HOT.

It's true Ladies is Pimps too & we have an eye for detail.
For more info on CLaw Money check Format mags interview.

Nothing makes an outfit like an accessory. Noone makes accessories like BiJules NYC.

"Jules Kim is me, and Bijules is my brand. I have run Bijules for over four years now and we produce lifestyle jewelry. “Lifestyle jewelry” is more or less a cheap shot way of saying that what you wear inspires, or is driven, from yourself, and your life. I know it is true when I wear my stuff. You feel complete in a way that is like making a statement without saying anything."
LIve on the Edge & Experiment.

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