Monday, September 22, 2008

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Currently at the Jonathan Levine gallery in New York City are new works from Camille Rose Garcia. Her new series of original paintings, drawings, and a site specific installations will be on view until October 4th.

Night of the Sleepwitch
Acrylic, Silver Leaf and Glitter on Panel

More about the show from the website:

Referencing concepts from Snow White, The Matrix, Soylent Green, and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Garcia combines Disney references with paranoid social theories and fatal prophesies about the dangers of detachment in troubled times. Ambien, the sleeping pill, is used as a metaphor for our sedated populace being controlled by corporate empires such as the pharmaceutical industry, while the world crumbles around us. The complacency of our culture and lack of outrage over the current state of affairs (loss of liberties, soaring national debt, and depleting natural resources) form central themes, told in a series of disjointed tableaux, in which the artist describes how “a powerful witch delivers apples poisoned with sleep elixir to the ambien somnambulents, a sleepwalking army of fancy dressed revelers, innocent and content in their dream world of complete denial.” With the absence of sustainable capitalism and renewable energy sources, our self-destructive society sinks deeper into its own demise, controlled by fear and distraction through fantasy propaganda and escapism. World catastrophes both environmental and military, threaten even the most privileged of lives, as over-population and overindulgence lead to an inevitable fate of gloom and global disorder.

Distraction Disorder
Acrylic, Silver Leaf and Glitter on Wood Panel

Upcoming at the Jonathan Levine gallery is Blek le Rat, legendary French artist, and Doze Green, a NY graffiti artist.

"I never really thought about my work going legal," Green says. "I never in my wildest dreams did I think that painting subway trains ... would lead up to galleries and museum shows."- Doze Green
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The opening reception for that one is Saturday, October 18th 7pm-9pm.


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